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60+ Funny Facebook Posts That You Must Not Miss.

Are you excited about your friends’ Facebook posts and bothered about how you can influence them? There is nothing to worry about because there are impressive ways to stimulate them to love and like your Facebook posts.

You must have been with or heard people who have used humor to keep themselves motivated and different from other persons and turn toxic situations into hilarious ones Through jokes. Well, I must admit laughter calms the tension and helps find quicker solutions to challenges.

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Funny Facebook Page

Facebook does not provide such platforms for physical contact but it sure provides a platform where your friends can make you laugh and you do the same as well. Understanding humor is what is loved by everyone is an advantage. Do you want people to always be happy when they see your posts? Then update your post with these fun posts.

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Funny Facebook Posts You Can Make Use Of

1. The fastest way to multiply your money is by folding it over.
2. Politicians and diapers have two things in common, they both need regular changing.
3. In our societies today, pizza gets to your house faster than the police.
4. If you carry a clipboard, you can go wherever you want to.
5. “Carry my purse” statements that are embarrassing to men everywhere.
6. Never contend with an idiot. They strike you with their experience
7. I wake up with weird hairstyles. Guess who is my hairstylist? My pillow.
8. Do you know why people write congrats on my wall? They can not spell congratulations.
9. The problem with being dependable is that no one cares.
10. Marriage is just like going to a restaurant, placing an order for something, and turning to a close-by table wishing you ordered what they have.
11. Google gives answers to all the difficult questions in your life.
12. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It is spent on the internet which is the exact thing.
13. Get ready for prison cause you stole my heart and hijacked my feelings.
14. If you can read this, smile, you can read.
15. Facebook is a fridge, know why? When you are lonely you unlock it to see if there is anything.
16. Know what? The best place to fart is the zoo.
17. I am only 18 years old with 22 years of life experience. I am not 40 years old.
18. Whenever someone is doing dishes I add an extra plate to the sink.
19. Doctors inspected a child’s brain; on the left side, he said nothing is right; on the right side, he said nothing is left.
20. To lessen weight, turn your head to the left and turn it to that side. Continue this till you find something to eat from any of the sides
21. What is the variation between a woman and a lady? A woman does what she likes and a lady does what she learns.
22. I envy my parents. I can not have their cool theirs.
23. May I click on your profile picture? Am in love with natural disasters pictures
24. I don’t want to lose weight. The shampoo I intend to use says “for extra body and volume”
25. I am the smartest person I know. I just do stupid things.
26. Can’t you learn from your dog? Shove some grass over the shit and move on.
27. I don’t see any logic why short pants cost the same as long pants.
28. Don’t have anything to update on Facebook? Just pretend to be busy at the party.
29. I imagined being awesome today, I was tired of imagining yesterday.
30. Nothing hurts more than you unfriending a friend and realizing they did it before you.
31. To be nice to people is growing up not being two-faced.
32. Instead of a checkbook, check Facebook.
33. The common sense I am having is your intelligence
34. Hmmm, how about the no one cares option? Facebook must have it.
35. Trust me, I am a liar.
36. If Roses are red, and Facebook is blue. I most certainly do not have any mutual friends. So who are you?
37. Have you thought about it? Facebook is like a prison cause you write on its walls.
38. Facebook! Where is the enemy list?
39. The reason I add people is just to increase the friend list.
40. Girls with no talent Facebook is your red carpet.
41. I am facing my book so I am quitting Facebook.
42. Liking your status is just like appreciating yourself.
43. If having a bath is wrong for the environment then, I am doing you a big service.
48. If you are single you are not lonely. Being in a relationship is not to make you happy.
49. What will not be a funny Facebook post for Mark Zuckerberg? He ruined our lives.
50. Who wants a TV drama? We have Facebook.
51. Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught. Just say there are no good girls.
52. People l intentionally try to avoid are my Facebook suggested friends.
53. Why do you like me? I am not on Facebook.
54. Two types of Facebook people. The one with more likes, the others, men.
55. Say it to my face, not on Facebook status.
56. My Facebook page is public just to make you jealous.
57. When two people start a conversation on your status it’s so annoying.
58. I failed the quiz but recorded a huge success in Face booking.
59. Just dance. Nobody will post it on Facebook.
60. After the weekend, the other days are tough.
61. I am not a player so ain’t got goals.
62. The genuine reason women live longer than men is because they do not have wives.
63. If it’s not right then it must be left.
64. I don’t have candy, so there’s no candy crush.


You need to know how important Funny Facebook posts are, they act like pills to your gloomy face. Apart from that, they help you get more fame, comments, and likes. To achieve this goal just follow the FB procedure and rules that will land you where intended.

So that other Facebook users will know your presence, use these funny posts, get more wise quotations, etc. And many more to achieve your aim.


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