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Blessed With Baby Girl

72+ Blessed With Baby Girl Quotes And Wishes To Know

Children are gifts from God. That is the reason why most families feel really bad after their marriage, they struggle to make babies. Most of them end up producing one gender. But when the equation is balanced, you will see them very happy and smiling all day long.

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Blessed With Baby Girl
Blessed With Baby Girl

Some families have been praying to be blessed with a baby girl in their home. Most persons on the other hand scrying to God to be blessed with a baby boy. At the cause of these prayers, God honors their prayers and grant them their heart desires. Below are some Blessed with baby girl Facebook Status.

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72+ Blessed With Baby Girl Quotes And Wishes To Know

Take your time and go through this Blessed with baby girl Facebook status you can make use of when you eventually get one. Beststatusquote got you covered in this area.

1. Baby girl you are so gorgeous with her tiny nose and tiny toes; meet Janet Peace.

2. To be honest with you, we are proudly introduced to you our baby girl.

3. We want to welcome our sweet 1-day-old daughter, she’s the best thing, which has happened to us.

4. From my heart, we are filled with joy to announce the arrival of our precious diamond.

5. On this day, we announce the arrival of a baby girl with much delight.

6. We welcome to this world, our little queen, the one to change the world.

7. Dearer with much love, we welcome to our family this beautiful princess.

8. I want to let you all know that Join us to announce the arrival of our beautiful new addition.

9. Am happy at last, our special one is here.

10. Cream it from the top of the roofs, it’s a girl child.

11. We announce the arrival of this blessing, this blessing given from the Lord.

12. The Joy in our hearts can’t be compared to that of any other as this incredible being joins our family.

13. I am happy that God has blessed us with this lovely baby girl.

14. With a lot of pride, we welcome our pretty daughter to this world.

15. Our dream has finally come to reality.

16. Love and pride are all our hearts hold as we welcome this phenomenon into this world.

17. With Joy in our hearts, we announce the arrival of our little princess.

18. Join us as we welcome a gorgeous daughter into our family.

19. We are very much thrilled to announce the birth of our sweet daughter.

20. We can’t stop laughing ever since this blessing came to us. We are blessed with a baby girl

Sweetest Blessed With a Baby Girl Wishes

21. The day you came to wad the best days of our life

22. You are the best we have seen this year

23. You are just more than a Gold baby me

24. We trust God and him alone for giving you to us

25. We welcome you to our humble home

26. You are a real blessing. Welcome baby girl

27. We have been finally blessed with baby girl who wishes

28. We are happy yo have you in our home

29. God bless the day you were born unto us

30. My finest little princes. You are so cherished

31. My queen, you look more beautiful. Welcome home baby girl

32. Your birth is new dawn unto us. We love you

33. We have long waited for this day to come. Welcome home

34. Heaven was open the day you were born unto us baby girl

35. You are just a Unique baby girl. We love you plenty

36. We will be happy with our marriage now. Welcome home

37. You will be forever welcomed to us. Here are your siblings baby girl

38.  The blessing has come to manifest. God bless you more

39. You are the real baby we have ever wished to have. Welcome home baby me.

40. You are our baby and that shall it be forever. We love you plenty.

41. This baby is from God’s loving hands to ours; join us as we celebrate her.

42. To be honest we have a lot of delights in our heart to present to you our little daughter.

Powerful Blessed with a baby girl quotes

43. Trust me. Andrews family especially announces the arrival of a gorgeous baby girl.

44. John’s family proudly releases the announcement of the birth of our daughter.

45. This baby fills our arms with love, and also fills our heart with so much Joy; we announce the arrival of our jewel this afternoon. We love you

47. Hello world, An awesomely sweetest girl you can find in town.

48. Have you checked? Our baby girl is really precious, and not just that, she’s an angel sent from above. We are glad this package came to our door.

49. With Joy and pleasure, we present to you our sweet baby girl.

50. Good Morning all, there’s someone so small, someone, who is so adorable; we would love you to meet with her.

51. We are very much happy to disclose that we just add another branch to our family tree.

52. Very little nose, very little fingers, very little face, very little toes. Everything she uses is very tiny; we are glad to tell you that it’s a girl.

53. Please bear in mind that she’s sweet just like candy, she’s so precious like gold, our beautiful baby girl, a beloved miracle to hold.

Cool Blessed With a Baby Girl Status for Facebook

54. Please oo you all should come and see, it’s our sweet baby girl.

55. I came to know that everything so sweet, everything so nice is all we see in the eyes of our little girl.

56. Please from the top of heaven, God sent something adorable to love. It’s a baby girl

57. With much thanks to God, we introduce to you our lovely daughter.

58. We are so happy and are very much grateful to God for giving us such a wonderful princess.

59. All thanks are ascribed to God, our sweet little girl has arrived into our family.

60. To be honest with you, I haven’t seen any blessing compared to a really healthy baby girl.

61. We are happy that our baby came from God’s loving arms into ours, join us as we welcome her.

62. Our baby girl is so fine and sweet, she must be an angel from heaven! We are sure she is. Join us as we welcome her into our family.

63. God has remembered us today. God has really showered his blessings on us with this little angel, and we ask that you bless our angel with your care.

64. We have been praying for huge blessings to come to us, but when you came, we discovered that you’re the blessing sent from above to us.

65. We got a gift from God that will be coming into our home, a brand new flower in the garden of our family. Bless our lovely daughter.

66. God is ever faithful to us and our home. I am happy we finally got our cute baby

67. God promised us a baby girl and he has given it to us. Am so happy for this great blessing

68. We waited at the right time, our princess came from God.

69. God made a way where there is no way. I am happy, so happy with our newborn baby

70. May God guides our baby for us, we love her with all our life. We are blessed with a baby girl sms

71. We will do all we can to provide all your needs to God helping us. Welcome home baby girl

72. We will bless you with our prayers each day. Baby girl, you are valid. Welcome home.

73. God bless our effort even during your conception.

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