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How To Build A Lasting Marriage

7 Tips On How To Build A Lasting Marriage

How To Build A Lasting Marriage As we all know marriage is not a bed of roses. There are times of ups and downs. There are moments of pain and gains. To an extent even, one may be tempted to quit. At this point, one’s strength isn’t enough. Hence, it is essential that one rely solely on God for a successful marital journey.

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How To Build A Lasting Marriage
How To Build A Lasting Marriage

How and where you build your marriage matters so much. These determine how firm your marriage stands and how long it will last. Building a lasting marriage first starts with marrying right. Talking about marrying right means marrying God’s will for you. Know also that marrying the will of God doesn’t guarantee a challenges-free union.

It helps you to stand a face whatever challenges come your way, be it finance, sickness, childlessness, etc. Know also that even with the right partner, you’re bound to disagree but the disagreement brings you two to an agreement. One’s loyalty, faith, and commitment will be tested in marriage. The ground on which you’re building determines the resultant consequences of your building.

7 tips on how to build a lasting marriage.

1. Build solely on the word of God. Luke 6 vs 47 – 48

2. Make an evaluation of your marital progress per time.

3. Seek wise counsel from Christian couples who have been on this journey before you. ( Avoid taking counsel from social media)

4. Set boundaries. ( Limit friends and friendship, staying out late, etc)

5. Be teachable. (Be open to learning new things and corrections)

6. Be more intentional in making your marriage work than being too expectant of your partner. ( Be more on the giving end than the receiving end)

7. Do not be too comfortable with your marital progress so far. Keep building. If by any means you’ve built on the wrong grounds like social media, bad friends and bad advice, bad experiences, etc, make up your mind to demolish that which you’ve wrongly built, and start on the right foundation which is God’s word, and watch your marriage stand the test of time.

The above tips are the best thing you are expected to do if you really want to get it right in your marriage. Do all you can to make sure you follow the tips, it will work out well for you.

PRAYER: Lord, help me build on the right foundation so that my marriage will successfully last, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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