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Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation You Can Make Send To Anyone

Employee Appreciation can go a long way in improving productivity, engagement, and morale among employees. We all know that words are powerful and can create or make what is not real become real. Most people prefer to stay where they are appreciated rather than where they are tolerated.

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Employee Appreciation
Employee Appreciation

Apart from words, you can also show employee appreciation by organizing annual retreats that appreciate and honor your employees, hosting events, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Also, you can appreciate your employee in the following ways: recognition programs, props, gift cards, awards, etc. There are words to Use and Ways to Make Your Employee Feel Appreciated.

As we said earlier, words play a vital role in employee appreciation. Here are some examples of words you can use to show appreciation.

Words to Use for Employee Appreciation.

I am always impressed with your performance, keep it up. Thanks for being effective!

You have great talents and remarkable skills. And I have always seen you use it to fuel our collective efforts. Thank you!

You constantly amaze me with your performance even with more work on your hands. You are truly a superstar!

Every leader knows the worth of a reliable leader. Thank you for being whom this establishment can rely on.

Your outstanding accomplishment is motivational to all. Keep doing great things.

Congratulations, you have pulled off a great deal for us. Thank you!

I’ll tell you what keeps up with your enthusiasm and nothing will resist you!

Your ability to be creative and innovative has put you in an excellent position, no one can compete.

You have taught us what hard work and dedication can do and you have reminded me of the ethics this establishment was founded on, thank you. It’s such a great relief for any leader that can boast of a team member that can manage themselves effectively, thank you.

Ways to Make Your Employee Feel Appreciated

Getting a business off the ground is never an easy task, any business owner can attest to that.

It always takes a couple of hands for a business to grow. This team is often made up of brilliant and talented employees and I tell you what, every business owner with this set of people is blessed.

That’s why you would want to take the extra mile to keep your employees with you. One of the ways to do this is through appreciation.

In light of the above-mentioned, we have outlined some quality ideas that you can use to appreciate your employees.

Corporate gamification system

Using a corporate qualification system is a method that allows employees to claim tasks chosen by them and on completion receive point values linked with tasks. Staff members can redeem their points at a corporate reward portal. The rewards could be work-from-home days, extra vacation, company-paid continuing education, etc. While it’s not bad to appreciate employees in ways suitable to you, you can also try ways suitable for them.

Allow Employees to give and also receive props.

You can set aside a day where at the end of a work day employees can come together to appreciate and acknowledge each other for their contributions in front of all other staff. This will help reinforce hard work, dedication, and respect for fellow employees.
Give them food(feed them)

You can bring doughnuts and soft drinks or pizza for the launch from the company’s pocket. This type of reward will make your employees feel deeply appreciated and also foster interpersonal relationships.

Appreciate your Employees on Social Media

Recognize your employees by showing your gratitude to them on social media using your social media handles. It could be their birthdays or service anniversaries. Make a post about them that will include a photo and a highlight of their contributions to the organization that no one knows about.

Give your Employees Additional Time Off

Another effective way to show your appreciation is to give your employees unexpected extra time off. This is a time they can do something else apart from work. Like vacation trips, you are spending time with their families, etc.

Entertain their Feedback.

A survey that can allow your employees to anonymously say their mind is a powerful tool. Questions like, what is the company doing? What should it do and what do you think goes a long way in making the employee feel valued and dedicated to helping the company win?

Organize and Host Events for the Whole Company

Company events should always aim at team-building activities. This is because every employee wants to be part of the team and also has a strong belief in the company. Most employees want you to give them independence in getting work done, hence building fun and flexible workplace is also advisable.

Celebrate their Birthdays

Get gifts for your employees during their birthdays or you can share some gifts with other staff on behalf of an employee’s birthday. You can also give the employee a day off, just for their birthday’s sake.
Give Opportunities for Training.

Allow your employees the privilege to further their education from the company’s account. Enroll them in an online course, offer tuition compensation or give opportunities for cross-training with other co-workers.
Create a Program that Recognizes Employees

This program should focus on formally recognizing your employees throughout the year. You can as well direct teams to create a program for themselves to recognize their peers daily. You might also include gifts etc. In your program, for you to have a more effective program, talk to your staff about which recognition program they prefer.


We have given 10 words that you can use to encourage your employees and 10 ideas that you also implement to make your employees feel appreciated. We can assure you that each of our words and ideas selected and discussed is very effective.

However, to make your ideas most effective, you would want to discuss with your staff to know which and what they appreciate most as their employee appreciation.

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