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Prayer Against Bad Dreams

Prayer Against Bad Dreams: Finding Peace Through Faith

In the realm of the night, our subconscious mind often unleashes a torrent of dreams, some sweet and others nightmarish. Bad dreams, with their ability to disrupt our sleep and peace of mind, can leave us feeling vulnerable and unsettled. The power of prayer, rooted in faith and spiritual connection, has long been a source of comfort and protection against such unsettling experiences.

Join us as we explore the profound practice of using prayer against bad dreams, learning to harness the strength of our beliefs to banish the darkness and welcome a peaceful night’s rest. Below are some prayer points you will really need to make use of when you are in trouble.

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Prayer Against Bad Dreams
Prayer Against Bad Dreams

Prayer Points Against Bad Dreams

1. Heavenly Father, I seek your divine shield against the torment of bad dreams.

2. Lord, surround me with your loving presence as I sleep, dispelling all fears.

3. Through your grace, I cast away the negativity that seeks to invade my dreams.

4. May the light of your love obliterate the shadows that haunt my sleep.

5. Precious Savior, grant me dreams that are filled with hope and inspiration.

6. I rebuke all malevolent forces that attempt to disturb my rest.

7. Lord, infuse my mind with tranquility as I lay down to sleep each night.

8. I declare my mind and heart to be a sanctuary of peace, free from all negativity.

9. Heavenly Guide, guides my subconscious thoughts towards positivity and serenity.

10. I invoke your protection, O Lord, to shield me from unsettling dreams.

11. Almighty God, replace my nightmares with visions of your blessings.

12. May my dreams be a reflection of your grace, filling me with courage and assurance.

13. I renounce all anxious thoughts and replace them with trust in your divine plan.

14. In your presence, fear and darkness have no dominion over my dreams.

15. Heavenly Father, grant me restorative sleep that rejuvenates my body and soul.

16. Lord, calm my mind and grant me dreams that foster spiritual growth.

17. I surrender my subconscious to you, Lord, and invite your peace to reign.

18. May the angels of protection stand guard over my dreams, warding off negativity.

19. Heavenly Comforter, erase the residue of bad dreams from my thoughts.

20. I choose faith over fear and invite your light to shine in my dreamscape.

21. Lord, grant me the strength to resist the influence of unsettling dreams.

22. Through your mercy, transform my nights into times of refreshing rest.

23. I declare that my dreams are a canvas of positivity and hope.

24. Heavenly Guardian, keep watch over my mind as I sleep, guiding my dreams.

25. Lord, replace my night terrors with dreams that inspire and uplift my spirit.

26. I release all apprehension into your hands, trusting you to grant me peaceful dreams.

27. May my sleep be a refuge where your love and tranquility reign supreme.

28. Lord, cleanse my subconscious of all negativity, replacing it with your goodness.

29. I resist the grip of bad dreams and welcome the embrace of your comfort.

30. Heavenly Creator, reshape my dreamscapes to align with your divine purpose.

31. Lord, empower me to confront the specters of bad dreams with unwavering faith.

32. I declare that my dreams are under your dominion, O Lord, protected by your love.

33. May the power of your presence dispel the shadows that seek to invade my sleep.

34. Lord, grant me the wisdom to discern the source of my dreams and cast away fear.

35. Heavenly Father, I trust in your ability to transform my dreams into vessels of hope.

36. Every evil food is eaten in the dream I cancel it in Jesus name.

37. Every evil done in my body through dreams catches fire in Jesus’ name.

38. Every negative spirit following me around causing confusion, frustration, pain, and backwardness in my life is consumed by fire.

39. Powers assigned to trouble me in my dreams, assigned to give me sleepless nights through bad dreams I frustrate you in Jesus name.

40. Evil powers that camouflage as helpers in my dreams to Hinder me from getting help today is your last day to be destroyed by fire.

41. Every negative dream in my life I cancel today in the mighty name of Jesus.

42. Dreams that come to stop me from fulfilling my destiny or plans I destroyed you.

43. Let the fire consume every negative dream in my life let fire destroy every bad dream in my life in Jesus name amen.

44. Today I wage War against defeating dreams, I wage war against manipulative dreams, I wage War against dreams against me.


1.Q: Can prayer really help prevent bad dreams?
**A:** Yes, prayer serves as a powerful tool to invoke divine protection and tranquility, dispelling the negative energy that can trigger bad dreams.

2. **Q:** How often should I pray to prevent bad dreams?
**A:** There’s no set frequency, but incorporating nightly prayers or whenever you feel vulnerable before sleep can be beneficial.

3. **Q:** What if bad dreams persist despite prayer?
**A:** Continue to have faith; sometimes, dreams are influenced by various factors. Consistent prayer can gradually bring positive changes.

4. **Q:** Can certain lifestyle changes complement prayer for better dream experiences?
**A:** Absolutely. Practicing relaxation techniques, maintaining a healthy sleep routine, and managing stress can enhance the effectiveness of your prayers.


In the realm of dreams, where our subconscious roams free, the battle against bad dreams is one that requires faith and determination. Through heartfelt prayers, we open the door to divine protection and reassurance, inviting positivity and tranquility into our sleep.

With each prayer point, we fortify our spirit against the onslaught of negative dreams, choosing faith over fear. Remember, even if bad dreams persist, consistent prayer combined with healthy lifestyle choices can gradually transform your dream experiences. As you lay down each night, let the words of these prayers envelop you in a cocoon of peace, banishing the darkness and inviting the light of hope to shine.

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