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birthday prayers for myself

Cute 48+ Birthday Prayers & Blessings For Myself And Loved Ones

A birthday prayer for my self– It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all making a prayer on your birthday is very important for one life. In as much as you are celebrating your birthday, it’s important you make some amazing prayers for yourself.

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birthday prayers for myself
birthday prayers for myself

On this page, we will be sharing with you all the simple and shot birthday prayers which you ought to make for yourself as long as you have turned plus one. Beststatusquote has really been so amazing covering all the aspects of quotes and other love tips content.

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Birthday Prayers & Blessings For Myself And Loved Ones

Below are the well written emotional birthday prayers for my self. When you are plus one, you really need to pray tirelessly for God to show you mercy and as well commit the coming years into his hands. This is because most people are not alive to witness their birthdays.

1. My dear lord, If stars could speak, they would be voices speaking the blessings of God into my life because I deserve all the blessings of the universe and I pray that God enriches me.

2. Am plus 1 today and may the almighty heal my hurts and fill my heart with joy on this day of my birth. I pray that I receive favor from men and all of those who cross my path.

3. Thank you Jesus for making me plus 1 and may this day I pray for God’s endless love and power to be my guide as I celebrate. May his light shine on my path this day and always.

4. Heavenly Father, God’s mercies are ever sure and for this day I pray that like the rain, may my life be drenched in the overflowing never-ending love of God.

5. My father my maker, we are all God’s little creatures and so may he breathe his love and joy upon my life as I celebrate a new year. May his compassion find me out in my time of need!

6. My dear Lord  God, I pray that as I celebrate my birth today that many blessings will be birthed in my life and that I will be filled with the best of all that life can offer.

7. It’s my birthday and so I pray that sickness, failure, and death depart from me as I celebrate. May the sound of laughter forever fill my mouth! My days be blessed forever.

8. As I turn 1 today, as the earth receives the rains and produces good fruit, I pray that on this my birthday God will rain down his blessings and opportunities for me that will become fruits of prospering and greatness.

9. On this special day, may God’s grace will be my shield as I step out into the new year of my life.

10. Happy birthday to me and as I was born today, I pray that I will be the epitome of all things good, all things lovely, and all of the greatness will be mine.

11. May I never remain like the shadow of my past, I pray that as I celebrate my birth that there will be a renewal of my strength and abundant growth in everything that is mine.

12. I pray that this day of my birth that all the angels of heaven keep me from failing or falling.

13. That as the mountains are high, so will my rising be, and may I always be able to overcome obstacles in my path as I grow older today.

14. God is a God of color and so I pray that this new year is colorful for me that all I do will become an expression of all the beauty that is in God.

15. As I step into my new age, I pray that the blessings of the passing year accumulate into an overflowing shower of mercy, grace, peace, and joy that passes all understanding.

16. God’s shining light is sometimes too bright for people to understand so I pray that even though you don’t understand his plans for you, you will shine brighter on this day of your birth. Amen.

17. By God’s grace alone are we healthy and so as you celebrate your new age, I pray that health and prosperity continue to be your portion and that of your family? It is well with you always, amen.

18. The almighty God is your keeper and your great reward, he will always make a way for you as you grow older. I pray that your birthday continues to mark a significant time in your life. Amen.

19. I pray for you that your strength may never diminish even as you grow older.

20. The way ahead of you will be like the evening showers; cool and calming with a reminder that your birth is a blessing.

21. To be happy, to be prosperous, to reach the peak of your potentials, these are my prayers on your birthday.

22. That the power of God will be behind you in all you do and you will never fail or fall. May your life increase even more than your age has increased.

23. We are all the designs of God and so I pray that this design he has made you find its rightful expression this year and may you be as perfect as the way God has made you out to be.

24. Heaven is a happy place full of angels and I pray that the angels share their happiness and bliss with you always as you turn a year older today. You are blessed by God and man, amen.

25. I pray that you grow into all that you can be and more because every birthday is a reminder that you can be better, stronger, wiser, and better able to accommodate the challenges you are presented with.

26. I pray for you that all the gold and wealth of the earth be your portion as you grow older today. That as the wealth of kings and the beauty of flowers in the open field that you will be adorned with riches.

27. You are going to be a source and recipient of blessings all around as you add a year today. May all the good things of life find their way to your doorsteps and into your life as you enter your new age.

28. I pray that you continue to be a blessing to all that know you as you celebrate your birthday today. Amen.

29. May you never cease to see the goodness of God in your life and family on this day of your birth and onwards, amen.

30. May you never lack the resources you need to build your dreams and achieve all you have set out to do. I pray that you will not be disappointed because of the lack in this new age you add today. God bless you.

31. As the Lord pours out his blessings on the earth, I pray that they flood your life and bring you great testimonies. May the favor of God locate you as you celebrate your birthday today.

32. God is your strength and your shield, he will always be your guide now and always. As you enjoy your birthday today, may you always have reasons to love life and experience God in all your dealings?

33. This is a wonderful day my eyes have seen. It’s normally once a year. My God answers all my secret prayers. I must go far in life.

34. Lord God, please show mercy and bless the rest of my days here on earth. You are God all by yourself. Happy born day to me.

35. Heavenly father. Thank you for adding yet another year to my life. you are really one in a million lord God. May you bless me endlessly.

36. My day has come with great joy. Lord bless my new aga with plenty of blessing. I am happy that Jesus loves me. It’s my day.

37.  God has shown me how much he loves me. I am very grateful for that. Lord bless the rest of my 365 days on this special year of mine.

38.  Lord create in me a clean heart as I turn Plus 1 today so that I will worship you greatly. Happy Birthday to me.

39. It’s a blissful day. Lord thank you for letting me see this new year of mine. Bless me with wisdom and understanding so that I will serve you with all my life.

40.  God fills me with your spirit on this special day. The rest of my days here on earth shall be blessed forever. Happy Birthday to me and me alone. It’s God all the way.

41. The life I live is not mine but God made it possible in his mercies. Thank you, Lord, for loving me. I am grateful to you and you alone.

42. Take my life and let it be lord God. Concentrate it lord to thee. Thank you, Lord, for making me happy. Let your name be praised. Protect me from all evil.

43. Lord prepares me for the service as am +1 today. Bless my new age and sanctify my life for your work. Amen. it’s my day.

44. Lord let the arrow that flies by day and the arrow that flies by night never see my dwelling place as I turn plus one today.

45. Father God. show me your Glory as I turn plus 1 today. Bless my life and let it please only you alone. happy birthday to me alone. Am Loving you seriouly.

46. It’s my birthday and the Lord shall send his angels to watch over me. Thank you, Lord, for that kind thought over my life. Am grateful.

47.  Bless me in all areas lord God. I promise to live for you and you alone. You are really a great God. Thank you for the gift of life.

48. I will give you my lifetime lord Jesus in exchange for your blessings. Inspire me lord and great new ideas as i turn Plus 1 todaY.

49. Birthdays is for Queen just as you are. May the Lord bless you and keep you this new year of your life. Amen. You shall be lifted.

50. I am so happy that the person I love the most is turned +1 today. On this special day of your life, May the Heavens favor you all round. Amen.

51. This new chapter of your life will make you a real Human, You shall get all your goal because you are too desperate for goals.

52. This new beginning shall bring good things to your table. Happy birthday baby love. We desire and cherish you.

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