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Prayer warriors, have you felt like you don’t measure up to one? What comes to your mind when you hear of prayer warriors? These are the questions and many more that this article will be answering about prayer warriors that you need to know. Who is a Prayer Warrior and The Characteristics of a Prayer Warrior? Let’s first start with defining our keyword “Prayer Warrior” who can we say a prayer warrior is?

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Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors

Who or What is a Prayer, Warrior?

A prayer warrior is anyone who is fighting both physical, personal, family, spiritual, etc. battles through prayer, fasting, and through the wisdom of God as stated in his word instead of their strength.

How Do You Know that Someone or You are a Prayer Warrior?

God’s intentions are for all his children to let him fight our battles like a father would for his children. So by design, we can say everyone who is a child of the highest is a prayer warrior.

We do not need to go through any special training to become a prayer warrior, prayer is like a conversation between a father and his child.

The success of our prayer life is tagged to obeying God when he calls on us to pray and praying according to his word. Prayers Warriors are people who are lost in the will of God.

What Are the Duties of a Prayer Warrior?

Below are some duties which are expected of a prayer warrior. Take your time to go through it, you might find it interesting.

To Study the Word of God

If we are to pray according to God’s will we must first get acquainted with his word.


Have a quiet time with God where you learn to hear and know his voice. This will allow us to hear specific instructions and prayer assignments from him.

Deliberately Make Time for Prayer

Don’t have a busy schedule so much that you don’t have time to pray.

Know Who the Real Enemy is.

As a prayer warrior, most battles are spiritual. That’s exactly where the real enemy is. (Ephesians 6:12)

Make Worship Your Lifestyle

Worship is a constant reminder that God Is all-powerful and when we submit to him, he makes everything possible.
Speak Positive Words from the Scriptures Constantly.

Scriptures tell us that the words of God give life. (Proverbs 18:21)
Arm Yourself With the “Armor of God”
Ephesians chapter 6 has a breakdown of what the armor of God is. These armors keep us confessing, acting, and thinking in alignment with what God says even if it’s not what we are seeing.

Virtues of A Prayer Warrior

The work of A prayer warrior is very essential. We don’t battle in our strength but in that of the Lord.

Here are the traits of a prayer warrior
Prayer Warriors Submit to God’s will
Prayer warriors submit to God, they might have an outline of what they want from their lives but they willingly let go of them so God can do his work in their lives.


Humility plays a vital role in a believer’s life. Talk more of a prayer warrior. They form their hearts and let God and others take the upper position in their lives.


Prayer Warriors are to love well thus understanding that this is a gift from God so they give to the best of their abilities.
Ability to Serve wholeheartedly
Prayer warriors use their abilities to serve others because they are moved by compassion.


While some prayers may be answered speedily, some may even take months or years. Like Hannah in the Bible, a prayer warrior must pray till they see their desired result.


If you have spent time with God you know when God is displeased and not. A prayer warrior must know when God has or has not approved of an action.

A Prayer Warriors Confidence is in God.

Being a prayer warrior does not stop the pain, hurt, fear, etc. From getting to you but when they come you walk through them victorious because your God is faithful, hallelujah!


When they fall or realize that they are no longer in alignment with God they quickly humble themselves and repent before the Lord God their father.


Without patience how do you expect to receive from God? A prayer warrior must be patient knowing fully well that God’s timing is perfect and he answers as he pleases.

Prayer Warriors Must Remain Hopeful.

Their eyes must be fixed and never wavering. Eagerly anticipating God’s movement and restoration.

Who Can Pray?

Everyone and anyone can pray. The Scripture tells us that “whosoever” call on the Lord shall be saved.

If you read through Paul’s letters in the New Testament, he emphasized the importance of prayer because it is a very essential part of a Christian’s life.

Jesus has modeled for us how to be prayer warriors in our daily lives. If we must emulate a Prayer Warrior, then Jesus’ life is a perfect example we can follow.

A life of victory as a Christian is tied to prayer, if we check the Bible every leader was a prayer warrior. Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt by prayer, Joshua was victorious because he was a prayer warrior, etc.

Praying doesn’t necessarily mean shouting, you can pray quietly but your father in heaven will hear you.
Even if you don’t have all the qualities that are penned down, the Holy Spirit is ever ready to help when we ask him to quicken our mortal bodies. He’s the friend and closest companion that is closer to us than our breath.


Being a prayer warrior is not among the gifts mentioned in the Bible. Meaning it is not a gift. Our ability to be consistent in the place of prayer makes us prayer warriors. Then when we ask God in humility to bestow on us the characters and duties of a prayer warrior, he willingly does. It is also necessary to mention that Wisdom is very much needed in carrying out the act and art of prayer warring.

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