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Prayer For Letting For Letting Someone Go

Prayer of letting go of some is said to God so he can give us strength to be stronger and go on. Usually, the blessing of letting go of someone comes to mind when we are deeply pained about letting go yet there is no other choice available for us. We will be sharing with you the details below.

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Prayer For Letting For Letting Someone Go
Prayer For Letting For Letting Someone Go

Prayer of letting go of someone should be us emptying ourselves before God, being real with him, and trusting in Him to help us. Prayer for letting go of someone is often our last resolution. There are Different Prayers for Letting go of Someone. Now, These are prayers of letting go of someone that you can pray to help you let go and let God.

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Prayers of Letting go of Someone that you can choose from

A Man’s Prayer for a Breakup

Most Precious Heavenly Father, I am so pained right now, and moving on is constantly becoming difficult. To be honest Lord, I miss her and don’t think I can survive a day without her. Please, help me to defeat this pain. Empower me to let go and move on, I want to let go but can’t

A Female’s Prayer for a Breakup

Dear Father, when I met him, I thought he was the right person for me. In my mind, I was already planning our lives together. But now that we have parted ways I feel so hurt and broken. I can’t believe it’s real. I still think it’s a nightmare. Lord, I want to let go but how can I? Please, Lord, I lean on you and help me see the blessings attached to this, most importantly, Lord, I need you now and forever in Jesus’ Mighty name…Amen.

I praise your name Lord of Lords and King of Kings, when I was down and broken you were my life and strength. I now see that your will was only for us to be together in a relationship and not marriage. Thank you, Lord, for revealing this earlier. Though I can’t seem to let go of the pain I trust that your grace is sufficient and you will help me move on. Thank you because you are a faithful Lord. In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray…Amen.

Praying for moving on from a relationship

My father thanks me for helping me during our relationship. Thank you for the hurt I am going through. Dear Lord, help me move on and also let go so that I will not be pulled back to his world. We are not compatible with each other. Neither is he good for me. All I need now is you, Lord, let me focus on you this season. Father the satisfaction and comfort I need let me find in you and let me not find this any other place except in you. In Jesus’s name, I pray…Amen.

Prayer to let go of a relationship

Most precious father I have been finding it difficult to bear knowing that our coming together has no purpose. We were so perfect Lord, how can it be that we are now apart? How do I find the courage to move on or let go if you want me to? Please Lord, what life lessons do you want me to learn from this? Please make plain your will to me Lord if you want me to move on from this person. Give me wisdom in Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen.

Praying for Strength to Let go of an Abusive and Illegal relationship

Lord Jesus, you see me as I am. You have seen my heart and you know I have been struggling with and suffering the pain of loving someone with whom I know we don’t belong together. He can’t be my Lord, that I know. He has abused, hurt, and blamed me for every bad thing that has happened to him.

Father, I have loved him all this while knowing full well our relationship is against your will and law. My husband is a wonderful man and deeply I know he deserves my love more but I can’t seem to move on from this man.

Lord, I need help. Give me the strength I need to say no to this man. Please take away that weak spot I have for him. Lord, I don’t want this pain anymore. This relationship is affecting life and everything I do if only this love can be transferred to my husband.

Lord, I have tried countless times in the past to get away from this man but yet I find myself going back to him. I am suffering because of him, if only you can break this yoke I will be free.

Lord let me be happy with my husband and kids. Give me grace not to attack him but let me heal fast from this relationship and let the love I have for him be gone.

Lord, please make a way for me for my career. Guide thou great Jehovah, let knowledge to overcome and be great come upon me. All I require for life let it be given me in Jesus’ name I ask…Amen.

A Prayer to be Bold to Let Go

Dear Precious Father, I call you that because you are precious to me. I have been scampering for the boldness to move on from my current relationship. I have realized that what you have for me is better than what I am getting from my current relationship. And I want to have more of you than this relationship because you mean well to me.

I have always wanted you first but because of my friends, I couldn’t find the boldness. Now that I have confessed to you I trust that I will find the boldness I need. Thank Jesus, I know in you am victorious. In Jesus, Amen.


The prayer to let go is often not an easy one as it is an emotional one. It includes being honest with God, and not faking it. Take your time to share this post with family and friends via any of the share media platforms. stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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