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Who Do I Call When I Want A Dead Dog Picked Up?

Who Do I Call When I Want A Dead Dog Picked Up?

Who do I call to pick up a dead dog? Do you want that question answered? Well here is it. Dogs are pets that have a history of coexisting with men. They live with man and hunt with a man in ancient times and now. So, who do I call to pick up a dead dog?

If your dog is not deceased you wouldn’t be looking for someone to pick it up. But when it’s dead, especially when you know nothing about dead pets or dogs, all you do is ask “Who do I call to pick up a dead dog?

You don’t call a dog man’s friend for no reason. These are unique pets with a dramatic influence on the lives of millions of people because of their friendliness and loyalty. Dogs work tirelessly to impact the lives of their owners.

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Who Do I Call When I Want A Dead Dog Picked Up?
Who Do I Call When I Want A Dead Dog Picked Up?

What You Should Do About a Dead Dog.

It is the love for a dog that makes most people uncomfortable when they come across a dead dog or lost a dog and they want it buried properly. Most people want to make some difference whenever they come across a dog’s body that is not properly disposed of.

Even if the dog is already dead and there is nothing you can do to revive it, you would not want to leave its body exposed. The poor male or female dog deserves to be properly buried, you don’t want your memories tormenting you whenever you remember them. That is where the question of who to call comes in.

Well, at this point many are often stranded because they don’t know what to do or who to call and even if they know who to call to pick up a dead dog, how much will it cost them?

Who to Call to Pick Up a Dead Dog by the Roadside?

You need first to understand that every local animal control agency, whether county or city, offers a service where dead animals found by the roadside are picked them. Dead animals by the roadside pose a safety and health risk, so when you call them, it’s like you’re doing them a favor and helping to reduce the safety or health risk it poses.

A dead animal or dog left by the roadside attracts other animals and usually when animals gather by the roadside it’s always a challenge for drivers, drivers would want to swerve their cars to avoid hitting the animals and this is unusually not safe. In addition to this, carcasses can bring serious health problems to animals including human beings. This is also one reason they willingly pick up the animals.

Who to Call When Your Dog Dies at Home

So what do you do when your Dog passes out at home? Here’s what to do. Immediately you notice that your dog is dead, locate a peaceful passing veterinarian close to where you are living, then reach out to them so that they can assist you on the matter.
While you are waiting for the agencies to arrive, kindly do this;

Place a towel under the mouth and tail of the dog. It protects furniture and floors. Most animals stretch their bodies before taking their last breath, if this is the case with your dog, kindly fold its body back before it stiffens, it will make moving the body easier.

If you have other pets don’t allow them close to the deceased dog. If they sense that their friend is dead, they might begin grieving. If you can or with the help of a friend or family member, fold its body as you wait. When the agencies arrive they will tell what to do next.

How Much Would It Cost Me If I Call For a Dead Dog to be Picked up?

If you are disturbed by how much the cost is, just read below. The local animal control agency is one of the services offered by your local government. So except otherwise, there are no charges or costs attributed to them picking up a dead dog by the roadside.

But if it’s your dog that died in your house you might be asked to pay a little fee for its disposal but it’s different from an animal you find by the roadside. The dog’s carcass will be taken to their facility where it will be properly disposed of.

What If I Don’t Want Anyone to Pick up My Dog?

If you don’t want anyone to come to pick up your dog but you want to be sure it’s dead, you can call your veterinary doctor or any veterinary doctor close by, and let them confirm it’s dead. Perform step 1&2 of what to do when your dog dies at home. If you were alone in the house, call someone to come to assist you.

When you are done with the above, wrap your dog in two or three foils and put it in a cartoon, and with the help of anyone present take the dead carcass outside. You might want to bury it in your garage or a serene place like in the woods under a tree.

You should dig up to 2 feet before laying your dog down. After that, cover it properly. Dropping a flower or writing your inscription is your choice.


We do sincerely hope your question about who to call to pick up a dead dog has been answered. The shock of losing anything precious to you won’t allow you to think straight.

We advise that at the moment you confirm that your dog is a deep breath. Be calm, you can let those tears drop for a second. Then you follow the steps we have diligently explained above.

Call your veterinary doctor, and put a towel under its mouth and tail. Do not lay it on the couch to avoid some fluids it is disposing of pouring on the sofa.

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