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Status For Girls

87+ Hottest Status For Girls In English, And Hindu

Status For Girls– Have you been looking for some interesting status which you can simply Update as a girl, this page got you covered. There is some special status meant for girls alone which are the main thing we will be looking into, Please do well to check it out.

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Status For Girls
Status For Girls

Before now, we have been writing on some amazing topics which include Attitude status for Girls and some WhatsApp statuses as well. Note that all these statuses are meant for your social media platforms. Hence, in other to get more interesting quotes, kindly check out this page.

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40+ Good Status For Girls

  1. “Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.”
  2.  “It only takes one bad boyfriend to realize that you deserve so much more.
  3.  “The higher the better. It is more about an attitude. High heels empower women in away.”
  4.  “Boys lie more, but girls lie better.”
  5.  “Girls do what they want, Boys do what they can.”
  6. “You will find a girl prettier than me, smarter than me, and funnier than me, but you will never find a girl just like me.”
  7. “Beauty is only skin deep but the attitude is to the bone!”
  8. “Don’t compare me to other girls. There’s no competition. I’m one of a kind.”
  9.  “Good girls are bad girls that never get caught.”
  10.  “Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.”
  11.  “Not all men are fools, some stay bachelor.”
  12. “If you treat me like a queen, I’ll treat you like a king. If you treat me like a game, I’ll show you exactly how it’s played.”
  13. “Smartness is perfect beauty.”
  14. “Good girls are those which can help people, bad girls have no time to help.”
  15. “My mind makes me a girl, my attitude a bitch, and my class a lady.” “I taught your boyfriend that little thing you like.”
  16.  “I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least I am not the girl that everyone’s had.”
  17. “Do not search for a man that will solve all your problems, he would not. Find one that would not let you face them alone.”
  18. “Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts.”
  19.  “All girls want is a guy who is taller than her so she can wrap her arms around his neck when they hug and kiss.”
  20. His story is History, my story is Mystery.”
  21. “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.”
  22. “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”
  23. “Girls who do not ask for much, deserve it all.”
  24. “Always act like you are wearing an invisible crown.”
  25. “Make a girl happy. That is the most amazing feeling she can ever experience.”
  26.  “Every girl needs a good guy who can help her laugh when she thinks she will never smile again.”
  27. “You cannot compare me to the next girl. Because there is no competition. I am one of a kind, and that i
  28.  “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”
  29. “No matter what a woman looks like, if she is confident, she is sexy.”
  30.  “A confident woman wears a smile and has this air of comfort-ability and pleasantness about her.”
  31.  “A girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see and hard to catch.”
  32.  “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”
  33. “No matter what a woman looks like, if she is confident, she is sexy.”
  34.  “A confident woman wears a smile and has this air of comfort-ability and pleasantness about her.”
  35.  “A girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see and hard to catch.”
  36.  “Why cannot mosquitoes suck out my fat instead?”
  37.  “Be what you want to be, be the girl you supposed to be, and forget the world.”
  38. “Every girl’s dream = to eat without getting fat.
  39.  “Why cannot mosquitoes suck out my fat instead?”
  40.  “Treat me like a queen and I will treat you like a king. But if you treat me like a game, I will show you how it is played.”
  41. If a girl tells you to leave her alone and you actually do then you have absolutely no brain cells.”
  42. “Be what you want to be, be the girl you supposed to be, and forget the world.”
  43. “Every girl’s dream = to eat without getting fat.”
  44. “I am a girl. Do not touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend.”
  45.  “Smart girls open their minds, easy girls open their legs, and foolish girls open their hearts.”
  46. “When guys get jealous it can be kind of cute. When girls get jealous, World War III is about to start.”

Cool Stylish Romantic Status for Girls | Best Girly Status in Hindi

  1. आज भी मैँ अकेली हूँ , नसीब ही ख़राब है ,….. मेरा नहीं, लड़को का …. आज तक कोई Impress ही नहीं कर पाया ??
  2. Itne bhi pyaare nahi ho tum, Bas meri chahat ne tumhe sir pe chadha rakha hai…
  3. तेरी मोहब्बत और मेरी फितरत में फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि तेरा attitude नहीं जाता और मुझे झुकना नहीं आता ??
  4. Dear Boys I have sent you a “Friend Request” Not a “Marriage Proposal” so kindly stop over acting :p
  5. I`m a girl but I rather hang out with boys because it is less drama.
  6. एक परवाह ही बताती है कि ख़्याल कितना है, वरना कोई तराजू नहीं होता रिश्तो में
  7. Don’t be a woman that needs a man …. Be a woman a man needs.
  8. मासूमियत तो रग -रग में है मेरे बस ज़ुबान की ही बद्तमीज़ हूँ
  9. If you don’t want your heart to be easily broken, don’t let yourself be easily taken.
  10. मौसम सर्द हो या लहज़ा मेरी दोनों से ही नहीं बनती ???
  11. Aaj bhi mein akeli hu, Naseeb hi kharab hai, Mera nahi Ladko ka, Aaj tak mujhe koi impress hi nahi kar paaya…..
  12. ना तू Monkey है , ना तू Donkey है , मगर तू थोड़ा सनकी है
  13. Tell a girl she’s pretty…. and she won’t believe you. Tell her she’s ugly and she will believe it forever.
  14. Being a female ain’t easy, you have to always be strong! !
  15. A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love… listens but doesn’t believe… and leaves before she is left.
  16. Ek parvaah hi batati hai ki khayal kitna hai, Varna koi taraaju nahi hota Rishto me ??
  17. बहुत सोचा तुमसे बात नहीं करुँगी फिर सोचा झगड़ा किससे करुँगी ??
  18. मेरी सोच और मेरी पहचान दोनों ही तेरी औकात से बाहर है ???
  19. Mausam Sard ho ya Garm meri dono se hi nahi banti….
  20. Every girl deserves a guy who will say, “I can’t imagine my life without you”.
  21. I wish i can just make your mins and mine alone. I will be really fine
  22. You are the treasure that i see, you are close to me but i did not know. You are the love i seek for many years.
  23. Honey, you were close to me but i could not feel it. I love you.
  24. The love that i feel for many years was right beside me, yet i could not feel it
  25. When i close my eyes, i see you coming to me honey. You are lifted.

Whatsapp Stylish Status For Girls

  1. Meri Soch aur Meri Pehchan dono hi teri aukaat se bahar hai……
    On average, women say 7,000 words per day while men manage just over 2,000 words.
  2. तेरे #‪Attitude‬ से लोग जलते होगे मगर मेरे #‪Attitude पर लोग मरते है…!!
  3. Six inches gap between Saree and Blouse is CULTURE. One inch gap between Jeans and Top is BESHARMI
  4. तेरे ‪Attitude‬ से लोग जलते होगे मगर मेरे ‪Attitudeपर तो लोग मरते है…!!
  5. Makeup is overpriced, hair products are overpriced, body products are overpriced, clothing is overpriced, being a girl is overpriced
  6. I’m a girl. I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I overthink everything. I dream big. And when I say I love you, I’m not lying!
  7. Usne kaha mehangi pdegi tujhe ye Dushmani, Maine bhi kaha Asta to mein Kajalbhi ni lagati….
  8. When a woman tells you about her problems it doesn’t mean she’s complaining…It means she trust you.
  9. You and Me, WE belong together. So stop being difficult and just accept that I like you and you like me!!!
  10. Treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king. Treat her like a game and she will show you how it’s played.
  11. इतने भी प्यारे नही हो तुम, बस मेरी चाहत ने तुम्हे सर पर चढा रखा है ??
  12. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again.
  13. उसने कहा महँगी पड़ेगी तुझे ये दुश्मनी ,मैंने भी कहा सस्ता तो मैं काज़ल भी नहीं लगाती ??
  14. A broken heart never heals. It just learns to live in pieces.
  15. Tall guy + short girl = cutie ? but short guy + tall girl = awkward.
  16. मुझे अच्छे लगते है वो लोग जो मुझसे नफ़रत करते है क्योंकि अब हर कोई प्यार से देखेगा तो नज़र नहीं लग जाएगी मुझे
  17. Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess.
  18. बात भी उन्हीं की होती है जिनमें कोई बात होती है ? ?
  19. ना सजा ना माफ़ी ‎जलने वालो के लिए ‎अपनी selfie ‎ही काफी ??
  20. Being a women is priceless
  21. Ab itne bhi bhole nahi ki, tum waqt gujaro aur him use pyaar samjhe….
  22. Silence is a girl’s loudest cry. You know she’s really hurt when she starts ignoring you.
  23. It’s hard 2 talks 2 someones when u still have feelings and want to be more than friends and they just wanna be friends.
  24. बात भी उन्हीं की होती है जिनमें कोई बात होती है ? ?
  25. Tere Attitude se log jalte honge magar mere Attutude par log marte hai
  26. मैं बिंदास सी लड़की हूँ ,अपनी नहीं सुनती तो तेरी क्या सुनूंगी ?? ???
    Baat bhi unhi ki hoti hai jinme koi baat hoti hai….
  27. Women are meant to be loved, Not to be understood.
  28. i am reserved for the one who deserves <3
  29. Status तो सबके होते है ,पर किसी के औक़ात से ऊपर ,तो किसी के औकात से नीचे
  30. If you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.
    थोडी ‪ ‎style क्या मारी …इतने में रोता है क्या …अभी ‎तो‬ सिर्फ एंट्री मारी है…‪आगे – आगे ‪ देख ‬ होता है क्या …??
  31. अब इतने भी भोले नहीं कि तुम वक़्त गुज़ारो और हम उसे प्यार समझे
    Mein bindaas si ladki hu, Apni nahi sunti to teri kya sunungi….
  32. मुझे भले ही लाखों देखते हों ,पर जिसे मैं देखूंगी वो करोड़ो में एक होगा ? ?
  33. Attitude तो ‪अपना‬ भी ‪‎खतरनाक‬ है ,जिसे‬ भुला ‪दिया‬ उसे ‪‎भुला‬ दिया,फिर‬ एक ‪ही‬ शब्द ‪याद‬ रहता है,Wнo are U ?? ?? ?

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