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Prayers for victory in court case

Some Powerful Prayers For Victory In Court Case

Prayers For Victory In Court Case– You will bear with me that in everything you do in life, victory is very important for our daily lives. You can not afford to venture into a battle with the hope of not winning, Most will go to any extent in making sure they get the victory.

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Prayers for victory in court case
Prayers for victory for court case

When you read the bible very well, you will notice that the Israelites won so many battles with their enemies. Any battle they go into, they come out victorious. Wining is the birthright of the sons and children of God. One with God is more than the majority so you gat no fear.

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I don’t know who am speaking with right now, but are you having a court case? and you really want to win the court case, be rest assured that there are some powerful prayers you can say in other to gain victory in the court case. Be it any case, after these prayers, you will come out smiling.

Some Powerful Prayers For Victory In Court Case

In as much as you go in for a court case, you have no problem at all. Relax your mind, below are some amazing prayers you will need in other to win in court.

Prayer For Vindication

In the name of Jesus, I pray and I declare for heavingly vindication. Father Lord let my innocence be proven beyond every reasonable doubt. Father, I pray that you will help me out in the court today. I pray that I will be set free and vindicated in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Intercede for Me Prayer

In the name of Jesus, father lord I lay before your throne and make one simple request. Oh lord arise and intercede for me. I pray that you alone will carry on the good work which thou has started. In the name of Jesus, Oh God help me this time as you have always been doing.

Unfailing Love Prayer

In the name of Jesus, I thank you firstly for your life. Be thou exalted. You have shown me mercy even when I don’t deserve it. Father, you are too much. Let your love never depart from my home and that of my family. Father show me love in this court case.

Prayer Against Unfair Charges

Father in the name of Jesus. All mighty father in heaven, please come and take care of any form of unfair charges and make the truth evident. Lord, please give me justice in court. I thank You for crowning me with Your love and tender mercies. Father, I know your righteousness and justice to all who are treated unfairly. Thank you, Lord, for making me win in Court.

Prayer to Win Court Case

In the name of Jesus. Father Lord I pray and I make a declaration that the court case today will be for my favor. I will win that case today no matter what they are planing. Father Lord, I pray that all the things that will be done in the court today, help me God to win in the mighty name of Jesus.

Judge with Fairness Prayer

In the name Elohim, father I bless your name because you are God. Thank you for loving me and showing me mercy in all my life. be thou exalted. Lord, I pray for a fair Judge today. Do not allow me to lose this court case lord. Show me mercy and love in the name of Jesus.

May the Truth Prevail Prayer

In the name of Jesus. Lord, you are too much. I pray that today the truth alone will prevail. Let no man be an obstacle in the court today. I know that you alone can make this work. Father lord you have never failed me, pls come and fix this for me in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for Reputation

Father, I thank you in advance for my court victory! I know you will do it for my sake. I pray against anything that is set to ensure that I lose my court case. I proclaim victory in the courtroom. I declare the restoration of my reputation and peace in my mind.

Prayer for Justice

My father as I pray today, let justice be my portion. May I be favored, may I see peace and encounter your loving kindness. Show me love and make lines fall in pleasant places for me in the name of Jesus. May I find justice Amen and amen?

Rounding Up

We have been able to compile Prayers For Victory In Court Case, It’s now left for you to pray it out so that God will help you out without stress. Do you have any questions regarding this post? Kindly make it known to us via the comment session below. Stay with us as we constantly keep you updated.












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