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53+ Heart Touching Prayer Message For A Friend To Know

It’s important we make it known to you all that friends are something you can not run away from. We have made lots of friends with time. It’s one thing to keep friends, and it’s another to maintain friends. Be rest assured that there are good ways you can make sure your friends are really happy with you.

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Prayer Message For A Friend
Prayer Message For A Friend

Relax, on this portal, we will be sharing with you all the respective 53+ Heart Touching Prayer Message For A Friend To Know. This message will really go a long way to show them how special they are to you. Prayers are very important in our daily lives, they are as follows below.

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53+ Heart Touching Prayer Message For A Friend To Know

We will be listing out some interesting prayers message for friends which you should know. Take your time to run through it. Share with your friends and make them happy. Father lord thank you for blessing us with a baby girl, we are so happy.

1. Dearer, It is my sincere prayer that the Lord opens doors of blessings and favor for you in every way. As you move out today, may all you do be blessed and glorious. I Love you

2. I wish you well today is the day God has made beautiful for you. May you find joy and gladness in it. From every direction, may His blessings locate you. Be expectant. Your Angels will be working for your good.

3. Just know that It’s a beautiful day! Your path shall drop fatness and be made awesome. Your ways shall be filled with good things. It’s a good beginning of a glorious day.

4. You are my real friend and I will always want the best for you. You are one in a million, May God bless you all around Amen.

5. As you start up this week, May the host of heaven give you all you desire in life. You will see far and you will know no shame. Amen

6. This will be a turnaround time for you and your entire family. Anything you lay your hands in shall prosper, any tongue that raised against you shall not prosper.

7. The Angels are always on guide on your matter, You will see far, your goals shall come to pass. God will make a way in the wilderness, Amen

8. God will open a door which no man will close. Your light shall shine and the lord will always be with you in all you do. Amen.

9. There is something God is about to do i your life. Only trust God. You will see it happening. God is the way. I wish you well.

10. God has something for you and your family. All you need to do is kindly follow him and all things shall be well again. In as much as you believe, I see it coming.

11. As the sunrises so shall your fortune spring forth. As the day gets brighter, so shall your experiences become better. The day is pregnant with beautiful surprises and they shall be delivered to you. Good morning.

12. Today, as you rise, you’ll shine. As you ask, you’ll receive it. As you knock, beautiful doors shall be opened to you. Enjoy a stress-free day with amazing achievements.

13. As you go out today, God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you. His spirit will lead you into green pastures and still waters that refresh the soul. It’s a great day ahead of you! Good Morning.

14.  From dark to dawn. From dawn to daylight. These are the stages that lead to this morning. My prayer for you is that your life will become brighter. Good morning.

15. My prayer for you is that as you go out, you shall be blessed. As you come in, you shall return with great fortunes. The line falls for you in pleasant places. You’ll come back with joy and testimony. Good Morning.

16. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Every evil plan and scheme against you shall utterly fail. The protection of the Lord is upon you. You’re undefeatable. You’ll experience all-around victories today and every day of your life. Good Morning.

17. Today, the Lord shall go before you, making every crooked way plain. Every mountain and valleys shall be leveled for your good. Have a great day. Good Morning.

11. It’s a bright day! No need to worry. No reason to fear. Relax and enjoy all the goodies God has prepared for you. Cheers! Good Morning.

20. Early this morning, I sent an Angel to keep and guide you. To help and strengthen you. To protect and preserve you. Relax. It’s a pleasant day. Enjoy every bit of it.

21. This day, God’s glory shall be obvious upon you. God’s blessings shall be evident in you. God’s goodness shall be seen in all your endeavors. You shall be envied and not pitied. Good morning.

22.  Today, as you go about your daily activities, the Lord would protect you from harm, guide you into success, and bring you to a place flowing with milk and honey.

23. This is a heartfelt prayer message for a friend because you are such a special one. May this day be beautiful for you. May your endeavors be successful. May men favor you. Enjoy your day.

24. Today and every day of your life, the Lord shall abundantly bless your provision; and satisfy you with bread.

25. It is the will of God that you prosper and be in good health. May you enjoy all-around prosperity and sound health.

26. It is my prayer that the Angel of the Lord goes before you today to prepare everything ahead for you.

27. We’ve all had a share of a great day with unexpected blessings and favor. For you, today would be such a day. Be expectant. Be positive.

28. Where you’ve been rejected, you’ll be invited. Where you’ve been ridiculed, you’ll be honored. Today, the Lord shall change your story for good.

29. May mercy speak for you. May favor single you out. May God’s glory be evident in your life, this day and forever.

30. This is the day that the Lord has made. You’ll rejoice and be glad in it. Cheers.

31. The Lord that keeps you does not sleep nor slumber. May His eyes always watch over you. Preserving you from danger and leading you to the greater.

31. Today, whoever digs a ditch for you will fall into it. I pray that you’re invincible and unstoppable.

32. You are my prayer-answering Father, and I believe You will answer me as I bring my friend before You. Lord, I ask that You prove Yourself great in his life, making the little efforts he put into his work to yield abundant results. May he struggle less, and enjoy fruitfulness to his amazement.

33. Father, I acknowledge that You are the One who teaches our hands to make wealth. By that, I implore You to step into my friend’s case and possess his mind with innovative ideas that will change his world. All the glory and honor shall be returned to You at last.

34.  My King of Glory, I thank You for Your steadfast love and kindness. Today, I come with a burden in my heart that has to do with prospering my good friend. It is my desire that You cause him to excel, flourish, and in turn, become a blessing to Your people. I ask this knowing that You will answer me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

36. Father, Your word says that we shall decree a thing, and it will stand. Taking authority from that, I decree that my friend will be successful. She will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and shall bring forth fruits in her season. This is her season to flourish, and I declare that nothing will keep her from manifesting it, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

37. There is no healer like You, Jehovah, the reason I call You the Greatest Healer. I call upon You today concerning my friend’s health state. Touch her in the way only You can, and restore wholeness into her.

38. I totally rely on You, Jehovah Rapha, regarding my friend’s mental health. He is battling with bouts of depression which have defied every medical intervention. I am sure that there’s no misery that You can’t handle, therefore I ask You, Father, to perform a miracle in his life that will defy every medical explanation, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

39  Dear Lord, You are our impossibility specialist; there’s no form of pain that is in any way hard for You to take away. My friend needs You now more than ever. He is heartbroken and helpless from the recent divorce he went through. Be everything comforting to him.

I hope you like this post above? Pls, do well to share with family and friends. Good Luck!

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