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20 Prayer Point For Nigeria In Distress- Prayer For Nigeria

Prayer For Nigeria– It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that Prayers for nations are very important. Be rest assured that when one commits the nation into the hands of the lord, that nation will be safe and secured because the Bible said it the lord does not watch over a city, the watchman watches in vain.

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Prayer For Nigeria
Prayer For Nigeria

Nigeria is a great nation and you can take some of your time and make some intercessory prayers for Nigeria. It’s only God that can preserve the country. When you pray, the Lord will help us overcome wars and make provisions for the citizens in Nigeria. Your short prayer for Nigeria will go a long way.

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20 Powerful Prayer Points For Nigeria In Distress

Below are some interesting powerful prayers you can say in other to save our country in distress. It’s only God that will see this nation through.

1. Unto you oh God we commit our nation Nigeria into your hands. May your mighty hands be upon us. Let your grace cover us daily. Amen

2. Father in the name of Jesus, Let your blood saturate this nation Nigeria. Let no evil befall us, Guide all the citizens therein, and let your glory be upon us amen.

3. Father in the name of Jesus. Save us oh lord for the errors that fly by day and night. Nigeria belongeth to you. Save us oh lord. Amen.

4. Father Lord God, bless this nation. Let our cry be unto you. Lead is not into temptation. Let your Mercy cover us all amen.

5. In the name of Jesus. Father Nigeria is in your hands. Father does not allow the enemy to prevail over our lives. Let your presence follow us Amen.

6. In the name of Jesus. Father cover us all with your blood. Let no evil befall us. Any tongue against us in Judgement shall be condemned. In the name of Jesus. Amen

7. Father Lord God. Do not allow the citizens in Nigeria to beg for bread before we eat. Let your love be on us all, Cover us with your blood.

8. In the name of Jesus. Everlasting God, we thank you for who you are. Guide our economy in Nigeria. Let your rule supreme in all our doings amen.

9. In the name of Jesus Christ. Father, we want to cover the lives of all the youth. There shall be no loss in the name of Jesus. Father guides us all.

10. In the name of Jesus. Lord, we pray that your power shall be upon us all in Nigeria. Let your mercy be for us amen. We love you lord.

11. Accident of the days, Lion of the tribe of Judea. You are mighty. You are too much. We love you for all you are about to do as we lay them in your hands. We love you lord.

12. Fathe in the name of Jesus. We pray that your glory is upon us. Let there be Job opportunities in Nigeria. Lord, we pray that you alone will help us in all we do amen.

13. Father Lord, We pray for our nation Nigeria. Father remember us for good. In the name of Jesus. We bless you Lord for all. Be lifted amen.

14. Glorious God you are worthy of praise. We Pray for our little children. Protect them from all evil. Let the children in Nigeria be for signs and wonders amen.

15. In the name of Jesus. mighty God, we pray that you alone will be for us alone in this country. Let your blood preserve our families. Let all the families in Nigeria be blessed amen.

16. In the name of Jesus. We pray for all the sick people in Nigeria, Oh God let your mighty healing hands be upon them amen. Let them recover in Jesus’ name amen.

17. Ancient of days. We commit all the innocent people in prison in Nigeria. Father be their Judge, vindicate them lord and let your glory be upon them, amen.

18. Father in the name of Jesus, Lord we cover all the schools in Nigeria. Guide all-out children in school, Amen.

19. In the name of Jesus, help us to show love to one another in Nigeria. You are just too much. Amen

20. Father we pray for an answer to prayers, You are too much to fail. Blessed be your name in the highest. Amen

Thank You, Lord God







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