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80+ Romantic Heartbroken Quotes For Her From Heart

Love is like a cold stream flowing silently without any sense of direction, Be rest assured that a heartbreak tends to inflict a state of depression that is painted with hopelessness. The experience alone is something you can not do without in a hurry.

Love comes with lots of fun and as well lots of pains which you can always come across in as much as you are still in it. In as much as you are in a relationship, heartbreaks must come. Most times that will not lead to the breaking down of that relationship you suffered to build.

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Heartbroken Quotes For Her
Heartbroken Quotes For Her

On this Portal, we will be sharing with you all some amazing 80+ Romantic Heartbroken Quotes For Her From Heart. Once you send this to them, they will know that you are really hurt badly from the inside. Take your time and get down through this article, it will be of help.

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80+ Romantic Heartbroken Quotes For Her From Heart

Below are some romantic heartbroken quotes for her alone. Do well to go down through it for proper understanding.

1. “Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.“ By  Violeta Parra

2. “A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along.“ By  J.S.B. Morse

3. Honey to be honest with you, I feel shattered and broken because the only time I gave love a chance, I ended up feeling heartbroken. I’m scared and sad because I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this pain.

4. Be rest assured that I’m hoping to move on and try new things. I just really can’t be with you or can’t be without and I don’t think I’ll ever love anything else the way I love you. I’m heartbroken!

5. To be frank with you, It’s surprising how the pain of living without someone can make you feel like you’ve lost everything that means happiness to you in this world, that’s how I feel right now that I’m heartbroken.

6. Have it in mind that I’ve cried severally hoping my tears would bring you back, but I realize you are never coming back, it hurts but I’ll get better with Time!

7. Sweetheart, Right now, I’m confused and scared, I’m scared of becoming strong because you were my weakness, I’m confused because I don’t know if to cry or laugh that my happiness left me already!

8. Can I tell you something? Even if you forget me, please don’t forget all we ever shared, the memories of our laughter, smiles, and jokes. All we did together still lingers in my heart and it hurts like hell because you are gone

9. From the start of all this, I never thought I would feel so complete with someone. You were the sole definition of love. Now that you are gone, I feel so empty!

10. God knows am trying not to think about this. I thought I would have moved on by now, but it’s harder than I ever imagined. The thought of living without you kills me.

11.Dearer I’m in dire pain because you broke my heart, but it still belongs to you if you want it. I don’t think I’ll be able to love anyone as I love you.

12. From the dept of my heart, i have never been this down. But God knows i did all i could just to make you happy.

13. Right from the day you left, i have not really been myself. But it’s well. Thanks for letting me know you. You are a darling.

14. You have shown me so much love and care. it pains me that we are moving on our separate ways.

15. You are just one in a million. Every time spends with you was so lovable. I am crying already. It’s well.

16. I never knew that love can be so so sweet. You really made me understand what love was really about. God bless you.

17. I really hope you find peace and rest of mind. I am so down that we feel out of love. But thank God i came across you.

18. I have loved you right from the time i saw you. The sacrifices and everything you made us go through. You are such a sweet person.

19. You are just one in a million. God bless the day i knew you. Move on. I pray you to find love.

20. Tears can not bring back the love we once shared. You are such a sweetheart. Take care, i love you still.

21. Dearer the echo of your laughter and your ever-glowing stare still haunts my soul. I can’t keep it together any longer. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I just want to heal from this pain you put me in.

22. Sweetie It’s painful how I tried so hard to be that perfect one, but instead, you chose to be perfect for someone else. I’m heartbroken!

23: I try as much as I can to hide this pain, now I’m lying here helpless and thinking of what to do to heal from this unbearable pain!

24: Life without you has proven to be unbearable. I’ve prayed to keep you all my life but now that you’re gone, I don’t know what course my life will take. You were my strength, my tower of hope, my beacon of light, and my dream come true.

25: Even whenever i wake up wishing this was just a dream and that I’d see you sleeping peacefully next to me. Knowing you are gone for good breaks my heart in ways I never knew. Now I just have to find a way to live with this heartache. I hope you are happy, wherever you are.

26: You were everything I had, I was the bird and you were my wing, now I feel so incomplete without you. How will I be able to fly without my wings?

27: I have not been myself since she left. What’s an ocean without water, what am I, now that you went? Just an empty vessel!

28: I wonder how I’m still breathing. This heart has been shattered, broken, hurt but still manages to pump blood.

29: The only job I do these days is thinking about you and all we had. It hurts not to share those memories with you again.

30: The betrayal hurts, and the heartbreak doesn’t seem to heal. The anguish, pain, the agony you left me with still lingers on. I feel shattered!

31: People say move over old flames, but this fire you put in me is still burning and I can’t seem to be able to quench it. I’m dying because I can’t put this fire out.

32: The day you left, you left with the joyful part of me, the part that laughed smiled, and made me vibrant. Now I’m just left with a void, a hole that you created deep inside of me. A part of me is lonely, sad, angry but I know I will pull through with time. I’m broken.

33: The hole you created in me can’t be filled easily. There are not enough tears in the world to fill the void in me. I’m pained and broken.

34: Dearer you stabbed my heart and left a terrible wound in me. I don’t think it will heal; not now, not in a hundred lifetimes. I wish you the best in life. Never forget what you have put me through.

35: I never knew I was an option for you when I was busy making you my priority. You left because I was just an option and you had better alternatives. But now, I don’t know what to do without my priority.

36: I know I’ll be broken but I’ll still manage to live with this broken heart.

37: Dear heart, I’m sorry I didn’t put you into consideration when I was busy loving someone I thought would never leave. I was too naive to realize that I would only be left with you even if you’re broken. I’m sorry for the pain I caused you.

38: I’m paying heavily for what I didn’t buy and that’s your love. I thought you wanted us but now it hurts that you’re gone.

39: Dearer people say love is blind, but I guess my eyes are open now because my heart is broken. It appears I was the one who was blind all along.

40: To be frank with you, It’s really painful, being stuck in love with someone that doesn’t even care about you. All I wanted to be someone who could love me like I was the only man in the world.

41: So far, I have learned that holding on to memories hurts and I’ve decided to let go completely, for me to heal faster. I’m praying this helps me recover as soon as I can.

42. Love is so sweet. But break-up is something i can not bear. How i wish it never happened.

42: Ever since we broke up, I realized that the most painful thing was not losing you but losing myself in the process. In truth, I have to deal with finding myself and get to relearn how love works.

43. The saddest thing about this whole thing is that I looked around, searching for someone to lean on, but there was no one to keep me at bay.

44: Now i know that at last, we establish that I’m the loser because you have found happiness in someone new but I’m still here all alone, crying over what we had.

45. I have known what keeps me going is that someone somewhere is craving the love I have to give. Someone who will dream with my smile and find my presence worth every second. That is what keeps me sane during this hard period.

46: Know that I loved you more than you could ever know. I wish things could have worked out between us. It will take me a very long time to get over you if I ever do.

47: Do you know that when I got your message, I felt like my world had shattered. I do not understand why you feel like you have to leave. I will miss you, and I mourn what could have been.

48. I have come to understand that crying will not solve the problem. its fine sha. Thanks for the time.

49. I am thanking God for making me know you. These years are so lovable, i can not just forget it in a hurry.

50. The love we share is something very sweet. People looked up to us, It’s really so nice it happened this way.

51. I have been hearing of heartbreak, but now i am now experiencing it all. Thank you so much.

52. Till the day i will die, i will keep wishing you well no matter what happens. You are such a sweet person. God bless.

53. Something has thought me a lesson i will not forget. You are so so sweet. Thank you for once loving me. Good Day.

54: You choose to leave me even when I still want to hold onto you. I would rather stay with you even if you don’t love me than stay without you.

55: Wife when things break, we call a repair person to fix them. Now that a heart is broken, I honestly don’t know who to call!

56: Do you know that you once told me goodbye and that you’d be gone for good. It feels like hearing sounds from hell, this pain seems unbearable but I’m sure I’ll get better.

57: My queen sometimes, I hope you’re going to look back and remember that I do care. It’s your wish to leave me now, it hurts but I’ll get better.

58: Let me just be straight with you, I’ve learned not to give up and try harder. This pain is just for a while. I’ll come back better and stronger.

59: If love was a man, I would hang him to death because of how much heartache he’s given me. If passion were a woman, I’d tell her how much I enjoyed her when I was in a relationship with you. Love and passion, oh what a cruel combination.

60: Dearer If heaven would grant me a wish, I wish I could erase all the memories I had with you because they ring in my heart and mind so loudly.

61: Honeypie A little comfort from you will heal my soul. I’ve lost sleep thinking of you; I just want to wake up from this bad dream.

62: My love I thought you loved me, I thought you were perfect for me, I thought we were compatible, and I thought I had all I ever needed: Until you told me you didn’t want me anymore. What kind of a person does that!

63: be rest assured that everyone told me to stop crying, they told me it would heal, they told me I would find love, they told me I would let go within no time but I’m sitting here Wondering if they have been lying to me because I can’t seem to heal or let go.

64. I never knew that we will not last long in this relationship. Trust me, I am so hurt right now. Goodbye

65. Love is something you can not hide. I love you, so the day you left is still fresh on my mind. You are such a sweet girl.

66. Can I just trust you for once. Tho we are no more, Respect the secret we once shared. I am really hurt right now.

67. Life is really funny at times. I never knew that this day will come when i will no longer love you the way i can.

68. You are not just a sweet person, But a loving woman. I really don’t know what pulled us apart. I am really hurt right now.

69. Love is sweet but you re gone so soon. I wish i can see someone just like you.

70. I wish that mistake never happened. I thought we will be together forever.

71. Life is something you can not just pretend all about. Love can be so far, now i know.

72. Can i really find peace? i can’t stop thinking about what happened. I am really hurt right now

73. Love is painful, forget the good times, i was never ready for this heartbreak.

74. I wish i never knew you. I wouldn’t have been this hurt.

75. Right from the inside, it pains me that you are no longer with me. I love you till tomorrow

76. Love is sweet, Love is painful, Love can kill, and love can heal. I am really in pains now

77. God made love and i pray he relieve me of these pains. I really want to be fine again

78. Thank you for all the crazy moments we spent together. I am very happy but sadder right now because you are gone.

79. You are such a loving wife. Where have you left to? Who will I role with? I am in pains now

80. You know too well that nobody can fill that void. And you still left. You made me think if you really loved me at first.

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