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Happy Sunday Prayer To Pray For Family And Friends

Happy Sunday Prayer is always special and unique to whoever you pray for. We know Sundays as unique days, we long for better opportunities to spend our days together, and most often we choose Sundays. Why not start your Sunday conversation with a happy Sunday prayer.

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Happy Sunday Prayer
Happy Sunday Prayer

Just thinking maybe you have a lot on your mind to say and don’t know how to start it. Just send a happy Sunday prayer, then say something. If you probably don’t know what to say after receiving that happy Sunday prayer text, reply with ours, this happy Sunday prayer article can come in handy, so make use of it.

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30+ Happy Sunday Prayer Messages to Use

Below, we will be sharing with you all an important list of 30 Happy Sunday Prayers that you can use.

Words can never express how grateful I am to God for granting me the opportunity to see another Sunday and blessing me with a unique person like you. Good bless you real good. Happy Sunday to you.

Happy Sunday! It is the best and first of the rest. On this day you will witness a transformation of all your desires and always have a reason to be thankful to God.

Today marks the beginning of a new week and most certainly a new day. Throughout this week and day you will be renewed in every way possible, may your joy also, if full and overflow. Happy Sunday my special person.

Love is the only greatest gift in life. You have loved me tenderly and especially, thank you for that. Just want you to know I hold you dearly to heart. Happy Sunday

May this Sunday be bright for you like the morning sun. Nice and beautiful things shall always come your way in Jesus’ name we ask, amen. Happy Sunday.

I always give thanks to God for having you in my life and I never cease to remember you in my prayers. Happy Sunday.

May our God fill you with joy and hope so that you will abound in the power of the Holy Spirit, and that of hope. Happy Sunday, Dear.

Happy Sunday Friend! You deserve every prayer and thought I will be sending your way this day. Happy Sunday.

New ideas, business contracts, and promotions are everything that I wish for you today. Happy Sunday.

May the God of favor give you gavot this Sunday morning. Enjoy your time in his presence this morning. Happy Sunday, Love.

May the Lord be good to you. Make his face shine upon you and be merciful unto you. Stay Blessed Happy Sunday.

This is the first Sunday of the month. God will bring you closer to his heart all day and every day, his help shall never be far from you. Happy Sunday to you.

I have never ceased to make mention of you in my prayers, petitioning God to grant you the joy of salvation and the peace that passes all understanding. Happy Sunday My very own.

May the whole of your household be preserved from evil, and may you be completely sanctified with the peace that passes all understanding. Amen. Happy Sunday.

This is yet another day to remember your creator, the creator of heaven and earth who has blessed you on every side. I pray earnestly that he will give you that which you don’t deserve in Jesus’ name.

Holy is our God, the one who made the heavens and father of our Savior Jesus Christ. Who has deemed it fit to bless us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places? Please share these blessings with others just like I have done. Happy Sunday to you.

There shall be showers of blessings from heaven to you, this Sunday. Happy Sunday!

I just letting you know that, as you are praying for me, so am I this Sunday. Happy Sunday.

Give thanks to God, and do it with a grateful heart. Because of him, you are alive today. I pray that the blood shared on the cross of Calvary is not in vain in your life in Jesus’ name. Happy Sunday.

One thing I have learned is that Sundays are special and for families to have to spend time together. I pray that God will give you, and your family to spend time with. Happy Sunday.

Your presence in my life through the years has been awesome. I pray the Lord’s impact on your life will be the same. Happy Sunday.

God’s love and support shall be your staying power this day and you will find help when you call. Stay connected in his presence, Happy Sunday.

As you commune with God in his presence this morning. Your heart desires will be granted and your prayers will receive answers speedily. Happy Sunday.

I pray for tranquility, for peace, for all-around satisfaction for you now and always. Have a pleasant surprise this Sunday. Happy Sunday.

Have a beautiful Sunday service, filled with an awesome touch from God, garnished with peace that surpasses all understanding. Happy Sunday.

I just thought you, as I am opening my eyes, have a glorious Sunday. Happy Sunday.

Unusual insight and wisdom shall be your portion, the peace that you are looking for also shall be yours this day and beyond. Happy Sunday.

You will mount on wings like Eagles, your strength like an Eagle shall also be renewed. Happy beautiful Sunday.

Every obstacle blocking your way is blocked today, every pit dug up for you, your enemy shall fall into it. Happy Sunday, my colleague.

All your secret tears shall be wiped out, one by one every Mountain that has stood before you will be moved. You will also be blessed with a happy Sunday.


Keep your friendship and family life lively, don’t be that person who doesn’t care about others. Be sure to make their Sundays special even if you are not always with them in person. Choose from our long list of Happy Sunday prayers each Sunday and send them to those you care about.

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