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Group Texting App For Business

Group Texting App For Business To Make It Grow Bigger

Group texting apps for business are apps that allow you to send business messages in bulk. Group texting apps for business make your work easier. One might be asking about the importance of group texting apps for business, the truth is that most of these consumer-facing apps are not designed for business.

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Group Texting App For Business
Group Texting App For Business

Group texting apps for business have lots of advantages for a business that those apps do not have. Scrolling down you will find the names of these apps and how they behave. Take your time and go down through this post in other to understand it well.

Some Group Texting Apps for Business and How They Work

When we talk of group texting apps for business, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Viber, and Facebook Messenger may come to mind. But the thing about these apps is that it’s either group chats or individual chats. Though they allow video and audio calls even for larger numbers, it still lacks the features and capabilities needed for business.

Group Texting Apps

We do not dispute the fact that there are other group apps for texting but we intend to show you what we have allowed you to make your choice.

1. Twist
2. RingCentral
3. Slack
4. Flock
5. Cisco Webex Teams
6. Microsoft Teams
7. Bitrix24
8. Zoho Cliq
9. Tameday

How These Apps Work

Below is a detailed explanation of how this app works. What each app offers and does not offer are all stated here.


The twist is a recent free business messaging app that aims to make team messaging easy, it was designed for people who are working from different time zones.

Its features are a combination of emails and instant messaging that encourages long thoughtful messages instead of the one-word instant response.

Twist changes are for different topics and each thread in each channel is its distinct conversation you can send messages to individual team members too.


RingCentral offers both video conferencing and messaging for teams. It has 100 Limit participants, and no time limit for 1 on 1 meeting, you can also record 10 hours of recording your meetings and you can store it for 7 days.

Ringcentral has task management capabilities and file sharing. To make it easier there is task tracking included in the app and also in the app is file sharing and collaboration.


Slack is a messaging app that permits you to add your own made emojis even if they are animated.

Slack allows the ability to create any number of channels that can be both private and public. Slack can also connect with lots of other business apps.

Slack also includes individual video and voice calls which only go to contacts listed plus setting alerts for keywords.

Flock is a popular messaging app from India. It allows audio and video calls, file sharing, and also a good number of app integration.

Flock allows both groups and one on one chats. Receipts are also available for sent messages in all chats. You can also edit and delete sent messages plus you can customize notifications.

Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is a messaging app that allows file sharing, video, and audio calls. It has unlimited messaging and for more segmented discussions you can use message threads.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams replaced the vulnerable Skype for business. Teams free version has 10 GB of file storage plus unlimited message storage

On Teams, you can use Microsoft’s online real Office apps in real-time. However, you will need to upgrade its paid version for the desktop app integration.


Bitrix, like other business apps, offers video and audio calls, with one on one or group chats. You will also find task management capabilities that allow tracking tasks within the app. Bitrix users are limited to only 12.

However, setting up Bitrix is not easy because of the lengthy manual which means one has to do lots of configuration before they can start using it.

Zoho Cliq

Cliq is a business messaging app from Zoho, which offers CRM plus web-building software.

On Cliq, there are a team and individual chats, channels, and 100 GB of storage for a company. You can integrate a good number of calendar types and also set up reminders in-app.

Cliq is also among the apps to offer one on one audio and video calls, with a generous limit of 100 people per call.


Tameday is a task management and team communication app, from Londonderry, in Northern Ireland. It has a more task-oriented interface than every other app mentioned here. There are also individual and team chats.

If you are using the free version there is a 100 Mb free storage space. If you are on Tameday’s free version you will only be allowed a maximum of 3 projects. Tameday is good for small businesses with one person in control


HeySpace is a task management and team messaging app from Poland, It has a free version that offers 10 GB of file storage. HeySpace has no limits to its chats and chats history. The amount of tasks you can set up has no limits or restrictions.

Among the apps mentioned in this space, only HeySpace and RingCentral do merge team chat and task management in a way that can be accessed.

If you are using the free version only five users per company are allowed. It will also interest you to know that the iOS and Android apps have low ratings in their apps plus lots of reviewers complaining of bugs.

On HeySpace video calls are only available to those using the paid version. But audio calls can be used on the free version, such as,

*Space-free version is only
*Good for a team of five or fewer
*People. Especially if
*You are not planning on
*Growing them. The
*Combination of chat and task
* Management is a good way
*To keep track of things.


The above-mentioned apps allow you to do several good things for your business, like file sharing, video and audio calls, task management, etc. But there are always greater opportunities in the paid versions of the apps. I hope you found this post interesting, do well to stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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