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102+ Coolest Goodnight Prayers For Her Alone

Goodnight Prayers For Her– In this article, we will be writing down some important Goodnight Prayers For Her which is specially meant for her and her alone. These are some certain things you must do in as much as you really do love her. Remember that love comes with a prize.

I want to let you know that there are so many ways to make your love happy, Wish them well on their Birthday, Wish them a happy new month, Send them a Love message, And lots more considering the fact that you love and cherish him and her alot.

You all know how sweet the night always turns out to be, that is the more reason why you really need to make sure you make her happy before she retires to the bed. Well, you have no worries at all, we will be sharing with you on some amazing Good Night Prayer for her.

Cute Goodnight Prayers For Her Alone

Swee heart as you close your eyes to sleep now, I pray God gives you knowledge when making important life decisions. I pray he guides you to the end. Sleep well, my angel

My love, i just want to wish you a sweet goodnight, love. May God’s face shine on you. May he touch you with his hands of healing. Sleep well, Goodnight Prayers For Her

I came to know that broken parts of your life will come into place. God will meet you at the very point of your needs. I love you so much. Sleep tight.

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Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight prayer for her

Trust me that the best of goodnight prayers and goodnight blessings for your lady or wife is simply to have the best of their night. sleep well, my woman

Baby love, please As you sleep this night, I pray the good lord will show you the path to success in your dream. Sleep tight. I love you plenty

This night will bring you lots of sweet dreams and the door to your success shall open. God will manifest himself in your life as you wake up to a brand new day tomorrow. I love you.

My woman my everything, I pray that this night shall be a wonderful night for you, you will be safe and you shall wake up like an eagle. Amen!

Sweetheart, i want to let you know that you can leave all your worries to God. Just wake up with faith in yourself and God. He shall heal every part of your life. Goodnight.

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Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight prayer for her

This night shall be sweeter than all those nights you had in the past. You don’t have to worry, it’s well with your soul sweety. God loves you more

I pray that the arrow that flies by day and the arrow that flies by night shall not see you, honey. You will wake up in good health. Goodnight

As you sleep now baby, God will send his angels to take charge over you, Fear not, he is always with us! We love you!

Your sweet dreams shall come to you, and may you wake up in good health for me alone. I love you, goodnight rest. You deserve better!

Amazing Goodnight Prayer For Him Alone

My own man, May the good Lord will keep you and uphold you with his right hand of salvation. I wish you Sweet dreams as you sleep this night

The angels of the Lord will surround you as you sleep tonight. They will fight each of your battles. They will break into pieces your stubborn enemies. Goodnight.

Baby boo, this night shall be one of the best nights of your life. The lord will be by your side as you sleep tonight. Goodnight baby daddy.

Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight Prayer for her

My hubby, my prayer is for you to sleep and wake up without any form of issues. You mean the world to me, goodnight and sweet dreams.

This night will really go a long way to show you nice and charming dreams in as much as God permits. You are so sweet and you deserve something sweet. Goodnight love

As you close your eyes to sleep now baby, Please this night, may his grace uphold you always. Joy dreams, dear. I love you mighty. i love you, Goodnight

Have it in mind that I just want to inform you that he will answer every single prayer you pray to him as you sleep tonight. best of nights to you.

The love that God has for you made Him give his angels charge to watch over you while you sleep. Goodnight dearer, Sleep tight!

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Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight prayer for her

As the night draws nearer, May His peace reign in your life. His glory will shine upon you. Enjoy your night’s rest, love.

This cold night, God will reveal the way to success to you in your dream tonight. Goodnight best friend I have here on earth, you deserve something Good.

Dearer I wish you well and also pray that you will wake up to a day full of possibilities, victories, and miracles. Goodnight love.

Bear it in mind that tomorrow will be the beginning of your breakthrough. I love you dearly. Goodnight, i really care about you alone!

God will not for once forsake you. In the morning, noon and night, you will forever enjoy his love. Goodnight.

Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight Prayer for her

Trust me when I say this, Be rest assured that I love you and I always pray to God for you. He answers prayers. Sleep with no worries. I love you too much

This night will make you excel in the mighty name of Jesus. When you wake, success will surely embrace you. Goodnight, sweet.

Sweetheart, It is bedtime, after all the work today. I pray that your sleep shall be peaceful in Jesus’ name. Sleep well, you mean the world to me

This night shall be awesome, My God will overtake your enemies and smash them into pieces in Jesus name. Joy dreams, sweet.

As you close your eyes to sleep, believe that your dream shall be sweet. Nightmare will be far from your dreams. Enjoy your sleep, dearest.

Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight prayer for her

Smile as you sleep, your life is in the hands of He who knows the beginning from the end. He surely has good plans for you.

This night hall is one of the best night you ever have, Dearer Just sleep and live the rest of it all to God and Him alone. He will settle you

Goodnight to the most special person to me, My God will not allow you to pass on while you sleep. I love you, I wish you to survive!

In Jesus’ name, This night will be exceptional, sleep, and believe that you are covered with his palm. He is your protector, the omnipresent God. Sweet dreams.

Sweet, God will not allow your enemies will not overtake you. You will be made stronger by the grace of God, Amen. Enjoy your sleep.

Cute Good Night Prayer of the day

You will have to cast your burdens unto the Lord for He cares for you. Whisper a prayer into his ears for He listens. You will not come last in your life.

We pray for a night of rest and peace. We pray for strength rejuvenated to face the coming days. Goodnight my love. you are the best!

I serve a God of comfort and solution, and He will surely visit you tonight with answers to everything puzzling you. You shall wake up refreshed and deeply satisfied. Sleep well honey

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Goodnight prayer for her
Goodnight Prayer for her

This night, I pray for you my love, may this night fill your heart with tranquility. May you find peace and joy as you close your eyes to sleep.

This night will come and morning will come which will give youth cause to thank Him alone for the gift of life. You deserve more. Goodnight

Angel, sleep with the blessed assurance that you are loved and that God is watching out for you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name Amen, Don’t forget i love you!

Any evil plan plotted against you, shall not stand either shall it come to pass. God will protect and Guide you for me. Goodnight. We love you

Sweetheart, may you be kept safe from every arrow that flies by night and from the noisome pestilence. You will sleep in peace. Goodnight!

I pray for you, that the rigor and stress you went through today will not rob you of the peace and rest of tonight. May your heart be light. May you find sweet relief in sleep Amen!

Dear just don’t worry about today’s failures and unfulfilled expectations. You have the chance to try again tomorrow. May tomorrow be better in Jesus’ name.

Honey, God will give you new ideas and wisdom to execute them. Sleep tight you have no worries at all. Goodnight my love! You deserve more than this.

Every night is meant for resting alone, God will grant you safety as you close your eyes to sleep. In Jesus Name! Amen.

I really wish God’s angels will not leave your side, but it’s well, Sleeps well. You will wake up stronger than ever. Goodnight sweetest!


This draws and ends the love-awaited goodnight prayers for her. Hope you found this content interesting? Do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share mediums. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated!









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