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Good Night Prayers For My Love

Most Powerful Good Night Prayers For My Love

Good Night Prayers For My Love– send these good night prayers to that one person you cherish so much at the end of each day, to send them to sleep easily. Good night prayers for my love is that conversation you have with God concerning the one you love and you want them to know that you did pray for them. So, you send the prayer as a text message to them.

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Good Night Prayers For My Love
Good Night Prayers For My Love

Good night prayers for my love can ease that person of a day’s stress and ensure a peaceful night’s rest. You want your love to sleep like a baby and wake up like a giant right? Well, send these good night prayers for my love to them, then, relax because your goal will be achieved.

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Special Good Night Prayers For My Love

It’s night, I know you are getting ready to sleep, sleep in the bosom of the Lord cause he will watch over you. Good night love, and sweet dreams.

The Lord shall restore your soul as you lay to sleep tonight, let your heart be cheerful always, good night.

Do not be scared of the demons God’s angels are keeping watch over you to guard you against harm. Good night.

As you close your eyes to sleep may the peace of the Lord be upon you. Sleep well, my love. Good night.

Your life is in the hands of the creator of heaven and earth, good night, dearest.

As you go to bed, you shall sleep peacefully and also wake peacefully the next day. Good night, love.

May the heavens watch over you as sleep, may the angels of God keep you company, can’t wait to see your sweet face tomorrow. Good night.

I have asked God to keep you safe and surround you with a hedge of fire. And cover you in his palms. Good night, sugar.

Sleep calmly and wear a happy smiling face because all your struggles have been taken care of. Sleep warmly. Good night.

God will protect you from any evil that has been planned to befall you tonight. You are safe in Christ. Good night.

As you sleep tonight, do not be afraid of any evil. Because no evil shall come close to your dwelling place. Good night.

Your night rest is blessed, I cancel every demonic nightmare that will come your way tonight in Jesus’ name. Good night.

God has said it is well with you and your soul, these words come to pass in your life in Jesus’ name. Good night.

Your heart shall find pleasant rest tonight, you will be refreshed as you lay down your head to rest today, amen. Good night, my lovely queen.

You have always given me a reason to be proud I met you. I pray for you that the guidance of the good Lord will be with you tonight. Good night.

As you sleep peacefully tonight, may you have a glorious night and sweet dreams, and may the Lord wake you up tomorrow morning stronger than ever. Good night, my lovely friend.

Tonight you are under the pavilion of the Almighty, his mighty hand of protection will cover you and make you safe in Jesus Christ’s name, amen. Good morning, sugar.

After all the stress of today, you shall sleep like a baby and wake like a king, my love, good night.

May your soul be calm tonight as you sleep, every evil lurking around shall not harm you. The angels are watching to ensure you are safe under the canopy of Christ’s love. Good night, heartbeat.

As you sleep this night the blessings of God shall cover you, he will turn your breath into a flame fire to consume any harm that will come near dwelling, good night, sleep tight.

God has designed the night for us to rest from our daily activities, so may you rest tonight in Jesus’ name. Good night my love.

Dear Lord, do not hold today’s trespasses against us. Please forgive us our shortcomings as we make our bed to sleep tonight. Give us peaceful sleep and our souls shall find rest in your bosom. Good night.

The angels shall watch over you tonight as you sleep. I entrust you in the care of God because I know he will watch over you. Good night, the love of my life.

The Lord speaks healing over you from every sickness contracted during the day as you sleep tonight in Jesus’ name. Good night my love.

Lord do not let any evil befall us this night, bless it with the blessings associated with the night. So that when we wake in the morning we will be strong. Good night love.

O Lord my father, you own all the treasures of the world. May all the knowledge needed for a better future be given to us tonight. Nourish our souls also and make us stronger. Good night, my favorite.

The Lord shall forgive all your trespasses. He shall look upon you with mercy, he will never leave you or forsake you. Good night, my sweet.

I know you went through some challenges today. But the Bible says we should cast our cares on him, so cast your cares on him and remove your mind from all the worries. Sleep calmly tonight, love, good night.

Sleep tight tonight my love, because God has discharged his legion of angels to watch over you. You are safe in the arms of Christ. Good night, love.

Ask and you will be given, seek and you find it, knock and it will be opened for you, say what you want. I have asked God to grant your heart’s desires. Goodnight my love.


Love can be so amazing, and would not hurt to make every moment amazing. Let them know that you care about them, morning, afternoon, and evening. After a hectic day, he or she must be tired so remind them of your love by sending this good night prayer message for my love.

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