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Every Time We Fight I Want To Break Up

Every Time We Fight I Want To Break Up

Every time you fight you want to break upright? Are those words that you feel can make your partner understand your frustration? Do you feel relieved when you hide in the comfort of every time I fight you want to break up?

Or you’re wondering If you are normal at all when every time I fight I want to break up is the only thing I want dearly. Well, don’t break up yet, hold on, let’s examine the things that make you wanna break up first, then we would know how to fix it.

Every Time We Fight I Want To Break Up
Every Time We Fight I Want To Break Up

Fights between partners are natural. However, for your relationship to last or call it a quit. Some factors like, how often you fight, what you fight about, and how you fight can be considered.

The constant fights between you and your partner could be a result of both parties or one feeling unheard but if it persists for long, it could lead to a breakup or one partner feeling unsatisfied in the relationship.

If you fight about important things like life goals, money, jealousy, fidelity and marriage, and other things related. Then saying you want to break up might not be entirely wrong. We have 14 reasons you might want to check out, to know if your fights are reason enough for your break up.

Reasons to Consider Before Breaking Up After a Fight

We will be looking at some amazing reasons for the break-up. Take your time to know the reason why people do what they do in a relationship.

Is Your Partner Continually Dishonest?

Couples should be honest with themselves. But sometimes there are some white lies here and there. If your fights are about big issues like where did you spend the night? At this time if you are considering a break up it is understandable.

For any relationship to prosper. There must be cooperation from both parties. Plus common share of admiration and curiosity. So for someone to become self-centered and wouldn’t even notice your existence. You have to decide if you still want in or want to let go.

When You Have Different Goals for The Relationship

Sometimes couples argue about things that don’t make sense. But when you argue about irreconcilable differences like your future, the number of children, etc. You can consider a breakup.

When You Feel Your Values Being Compromised

When you guys begin to fight about compromised values it’s usually a red flag. There is no way that two people in a relationship can have exact values. So it’s okay to have different values but if there seems to be no common ground for your values and you feel cheated like you are the only one compromising your standards and your partner isn’t. You could as well check if you want a breakup or stay.

When One of You has Control Issues or Jealousy

Jealousy is very bad for any relationship. Fights spurring up from jealousy can tear your relationship apart and even lead to your partner controlling you. If this is the cause of your fights, then your relationship shouldn’t be long-term. Because it means your partner doesn’t trust themselves so they need to control you to feel better.

If Your Future Goals Do Not Correlate

When you and your spouse fight over future goals constantly. Because each one of you wants something different. Then you can let go of the relationship to avoid hurt and fights. Find some you share the same financial values with.

When You Find Out One of You is Not Time Committed

When one wants to spend time together while the other chooses work or friends. Then you need to walk out because the latter is not serious with the relationship.

When One Is Unapologetically Abusive With Words

During fights when one chooses to say things or do things intentionally to hurt and mare the other’s feelings then you should let go. These are signs of unhealthy relationships.

When You Are Blamed For Everything

If you are often fighting because one of you is blamed for everything and your partner refuses to take responsibility for his or her faults, you might as well consider it the end of your relationship.

Infidelity Issues

If your fights are that one of you is deliberately cheating on the other and is not remorseful about it or is not working to stop it. You might consider a breakup.

If Both or One of You Is Not Happy In The Relationship

Fights do happen, yes. But most fights are not about the issue they are fighting about. It might be from both parties or one not being satisfied. You might want to talk to your partner about this and if still there are no changes then walking away is the best option.

When Your LifeStyle is Not Compatible.

When you fight because you both have different lifestyles and the other frowns at yours. It’s okay to break up.

Fighting Over Little Things.

Fighting over little things is understandable. But as you fight and settle it’s normal. But resentment and anger begin to walk in. You can walk away.

If Your Partner is Always Ready to End The Relationship

Constant fights in a relationship are normal and healthy. But when your fights include blows, attacks on another person’s character, er, and unwillingness to find a solution. You are free to end the relationship and move on.

Fight Again And Again Over the Same Issue

If you notice that you and your partner fight over and over about the same old things and no resolution has been met. It means your relationship is about to hit the rock. If you have tried to fix things yet your partner turns a deaf ear. You might as well take it that the relationship has ended.


Fights can be signs that a relationship is healthy. But when there are no resolutions after the fight then, it becomes unhealthy. However, the question of a breakup has to be thoroughly considered and checked before opting for a breakup. We have 14 reasons outlined.



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