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Dreaming about crocodile

Dreaming Of Crocodiles Meaning- Detailed Meaning

Dreaming of crocodiles can mean exciting, scary, and uncertainties in the occurrence of events in the life of anyone who is dreaming of crocodiles. Crocodiles are said to be spirit animals and they also have short-tempered and aggressive behaviors. The crocodile is a symbol of danger, threat, worry, and concern, dreaming of crocodiles can also mean all of these. Also dreaming of crocodiles could symbolize wisdom and self-understanding.

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Dreaming about crocodile
Dreaming about crocodile

 Different People Dreaming About Crocodiles and Their Meanings

For every walk of life, a dream sure represents something significant. Here are some instances you really need to know

Dream About Crocodile as an Office Worker

As an office worker, if you dream of a crocodile it could mean an imbalanced effort, as well as a result at work, and most of your efforts will be credited to others.

Dreaming of Crocodile as a student

If you dream about crocodiles as a student it is a reminder for you not to be sluggish in your studies but proactive.

Dreaming about crocodile as a Business Starter

Dreaming about crocodiles when you are starting a business symbolizes the difficulty in financing your investment project and it is caused by family ties. If you fail to exercise the needed diligence you might suffer losses in your business or lose the entire business.

Dreaming about crocodiles as a wage earner.

If you dream about a crocodile as a wage owner, the crocodile you saw means you should be honest in your work and not muddle through your work so that you can see the details.

Dreaming about crocodiles when reading for a test

If you dream about crocodiles while studying for a test it might be suggesting the inability to get an excellent score because of some minor mistakes.

Dreaming about crocodile as a businessman/woman

Now For business people dreaming of crocodiles means you are going to have good luck and make lots of money on all sides.

Dreaming about crocodile as a patient

As a patient when you dream of a crocodile it implies that good luck is coming your way plus gradual physical restoration, however complete improvement is not guaranteed.

Dreaming about crocodile when in a romantic relationship

When you dream about crocodiles as romantically involved persons, it is suggested that shortly you will have a stable relationship and you and your partner will get along well. Even if you face some problems your relationship will blossom and become even sweeter.

Dreaming about crocodiles as a single person.

Dreams about crocodiles as a single person mean you will be outstanding among the opposite sex and your love relationships will be blessed. So don’t be afraid to start new relationships.

Dreaming about crocodile as a married man

For men who have already tied the knot, dreaming of a crocodile simply means hardships. So if you want to travel or take a business trip
you will have to suspend the trip.

Dreaming of a crocodile as a married woman.

As a woman who is married when you dream of a crocodile it means that you will get pregnant and give birth to a baby boy.

Dreaming about crocodile biting, chasing, and eating meaning

This part talks about the meanings of actions carried out by crocodiles in the dream and what it represents.

Dreaming that a crocodile was biting someone in your dream means that your interpersonal relationship is not going well or rosy. If you are aggressive lately it will distance you from others. If it is an elderly person that had this dream, it could mean deteriorating health or even death. But if you are young, you have to watch out, your friend might betray you.

Personally, this dream can also mean being attacked by an enemy or you will make enemies with someone who has betrayed or hurt you. Either way, your enemy is brutal.

Dreaming that a crocodile was eating a person in your dream implies that you are scared of something in your life and this thing makes you helpless and anxious and you do not know how to cope.

If you are married this means that the constant conflicts you are going through hurt your life. For those who are not married, it suggests that you have displeased an influential person unintentionally and it can cause you to harm unless you make up for it.

As a woman, this dream is an omen that you will have a rival in your love life and possibly go through an emotional crisis. As a patient, this can be interpreted as a feeling of loss that was caused by your disease but you need to keep calm.

If your friend has been eaten In the dream, it’s suggesting that he or she might get into trouble. And you will be the only one to proffer solutions to the problem and your gesture will be kindly appreciated. If your was about a crocodile eating your enemy, it suggests that you don’t need to worry about your enemy he or she will destroy you.

If you destroyed the crocodile chasing you in the dream it means that you will be liberated from impending grave danger. If you saw a crocodile coming toward you in the dream it implies that your money will be heavily used to treat your loved ones and also lose business.

If you dreamt that a crocodile was chasing your friend it means your friend is weak and cannot be depended on by you.

If a crocodile caught prey in your dream it means you can be attacked by a person you are competing with.

If you dreamed about a crocodile that is caged in the marketplace. It is a sign that there would be lots of benefits


Dreaming about crocodiles has different meanings attached to it. What you were doing and who you are also your gender and profession are not excluded. Make sure you can still remember what you dreamed of so that you can have a unique interpretation of your dream.


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