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Meaning Of Dreaming About An Ex-Boyfriend

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend can be scary or exciting depending on how the relationship ended, what happened when you were dating, or what you saw in the dream. If you are like me, you might be wondering why you had the dream. To satisfy your curiosity you can decide to fish out the reason behind dreaming about an ex-boyfriend.

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Dreaming About An Ex-Boyfriend
Dreaming About An Ex-Boyfriend

And yes, that’s why we are here. This piece about dreaming about an ex-boyfriend will provide you with reasons why you are still dreaming about an ex-boyfriend. So relax because we won’t waste your time, Just take a look at the article to know more we have to say and do.

Why Are You Still Dreaming About Your Ex Boyfriend

The reasons why you might still be dreaming about your ex-boyfriend may vary. Maybe you were thinking about him before going to bed. But if you didn’t think about him before going to bed, what could be the reason? Here are some reasons why you are still dreaming about your ex.

Dreaming that you are falling in love all over again with your first love. The duration you dated might be long or short but you find yourself dreaming about him, but you might see him but you are having that feeling of what first love is like: the passion, the desire, the excitement, always wanting to be in his arms, spending time together, etc.

Your first love represents all these feelings in your mind, that’s why when you have dreams relating to these feelings you see your ex-boyfriend. The reason you are having the dream could be that your current relationship is not rosy or you have not dated for a long time. This could be your subconscious telling you to make your current relationship work or go out and try another relationship.

The next reason why you could be dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is that your subconscious is trying to tell you or help you heal and get over the breakup you had. What is your subconscious helping you to heal from? Was the relationship stressful? Are you regretting ever dating your ex-boyfriend? Or do you want to get back into the relationship?

If you dreamed your ex-boyfriend is apologizing to you that he wants you back into his life or is still professing his love for you and you are thinking that it is real or you are feeling really good about this dream, you might want to be careful because in the real sense this is further from the truth. It could be you wanting him back and fantasizing that he is apologizing to you and hoping that it is possible.

Dreaming that your ex-boyfriend was rejecting you and saying hurtful words like I don’t want you back in my life while you were wishing for the opposite, this kind of dream is to jolt you back to reality. Take this dream like you are having a conversation with yourself. Let the words your ex says to you in the dream represent what you’re saying to yourself about him.

If you dream about fighting with your ex-boyfriend, first check the conflict that is presently happening in your life. Because your ex-boyfriend might want to cause trouble in your life. You might be struggling with loving yourself but don’t worry you are not the only one wearing those shoes, Many people are still struggling to love themselves.
Some Scenarios of Dreaming About Your EX Boyfriend.

Dreaming about your ex when you fight with your current spouse.

The hatred you are currently feeling towards your spouse before going to bed is seeping into your subconscious. It could be that your ex was an aggressive person. Still, you are positively having an intimate moment with him in your Dream but you hate him in your waking life. All this is happening because of the events that played that day. This dream is pointing you towards an area in your life.

When you keep having sex with your ex in the dream there Is more to it.
Dreaming of having reoccurring sex with your ex-boyfriend? Don’t worry, you don’t belong with your ex. It simply means you need more connections with your spouse and be closer to other members of your family.

The redundant nature of this dream could be your mind giving you a message on varied levels. Telling you that you are yet to get the message in your conscious life. Maybe you should closely analyze the objects that you are seeing in your dream and figure out what it means.

Dreaming that you belong with your ex even after he cheated on you.

Even after he cheated on you, you are still dreaming of him. You are probably confused because you saw both of you walking hand in hand. Don’t have to be, many metaphors do appear in a dream so might not be only about your ex like you imagined. Consider some other factors like the location of the dream, what you were doing in the dream, the emotions, etc. And how you felt when you woke up.

If the feelings associated with your ex are negative, the dream could be telling you that you are about to enter a transforming period in life. This can even mean that you are prepared for something new. The dream might completely not be about your ex but it might be portraying your ability to move on with your life.


When we dream about people it doesn’t mean that they too are dreaming of us in return. If you dreamed of your ex-boyfriend don’t get butterflies in your stomach he didn’t dream about you except on rare occasions.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in your dreams is symbolic. 99% of the time it is not about the person you are seeing, it is symbolic. It would be wrong for you to wake up from the dream and think it is about the person or people you saw. Look closely, at what symbols in your dream could represent something, and try to interpret them.

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