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Catholic Prayers for new born baby

Top 10 Powerful Catholic Prayer For New Born Baby

How will you feel welcoming a new born baby in your home? How will you feel when your relationship gives birth to a long-awaited child? You know the kind of joy and excitement that will engulf that place at the point in time. Be rest assured that getting a newborn baby is a thing of joy.

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Catholic Prayers for new born baby
Catholic Prayers for newborn baby

Most of the time, in a Catholic home that has waited for over 10 years before having a baby, when it eventually comes, they will be so happy and it calls for celebration where their friends and family will come for eating and drinking, coupled with their warm wishes as well.

Now upon the arrival of the newborn baby, it’s ideal and important you render some prayers upon the life of the newborn baby. Be rest assured that cool newborn baby prayers are very important and it will keep them going all the days of their lives. Below are 10 powerful catholic prayers for newborn babies.

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Top 10 Powerful Catholic Prayer For New Born Baby

Do you really wish to show some love to the newborn baby? here are some powerful prayers you can say upon their life and make things go well for them when they grow up.

Sweetest prayer for Newborn Baby Health

1. Father Lord in Heaven, I pray that as this baby takes this step of faith. In obedience to the Lord, in order to be baptized in His precious name, and heed the Master’s call. You will grow in His will and his power, May his love cover you, and may he lead you on the right path of life. You will be greater than you pairs. Amen!

2. Dear lord God As this baby step into this world, I pray that the highest God will cover you under the shadow of his wings, May his countenance shine upon you, and may you see favor before men and God. Your life shall be preserved and No sickness shall take you away from your family. Amen!

3. Dear Heavenly father, I blessed the lord of the host for giving us such a wonderful baby full of talents. My prayer for you is that may your creator provide all you will need when growing up. May he guide you from heaven done to the earth. May his love be upon everything you do. May you excel in all good things. Amen!

4. We asked for a baby and they gave us more than what we had asked for. I pray that your birth shall bring goodness upon the face of the earth. I pray that you wl encounter favor and the lord will see you through in all your dueling place. You will grow up in his wisdom and his fears. We love you so dearly. Amen.

5. Heavenly Father, I pray that In your love, you have called us to know you. Lead us to trust you, and bound our life with yours. Please lord, we pray that you surround this child with your love, protect it from evil. Heavenly Father we ask that you fill it with the holy spirit and receive it into the family of your church, that it may walk with us in the way of Christ, and grow in the knowledge of your love. Amen.

6. Heavenly Father, We thank you for this gift, so therefore we recommit this baby into your able hands. May the lord of host guide this baby. May his destiny be preserved. May he see light and understanding in all areas of life. May his wisdom be greater than that of King Solomon of old. Amen.

7. Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for what you have done. We also welcome this precious little child. So divine from God above. Christened today in Jesus’ name. Held in His arms of love. May angels guide your tiny feet and bring you smiles to wear and may our Heavenly Father always keep you in His care. Amen

8. Dear Lord God, We pray that this child will work with you and all shall be well with him/her. We ask for a long lives and blessing in his/her life. May his footprints there beside your own, always within reach. Two sets of footprints, side by side, from dawn to setting sun. Yet there may come a day my child when you’ll see only one. You will see better days all the days of your life sweet baby. Amen.

9. Dear lord, Please we plead that you pour out your spirit upon the life of our baby. May him see the goodness of te lord in the life of the living. May him see greatness and may his stars shine bright in all his dwelling. May he/her be an example to other little children. Amen.

10. Dear faithful and loving God, Please bless those who care for these children and grant them your gifts of love, wisdom, and faith. May you pour upon them your healing and reconciling love, and protect their home from all evil.
Dear lord also fill them with the light of your presence and establish them in the joy of your kingdom,
through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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